26 thoughts on “Herbivorous Girl

  1. Go vegan! I look at animals in their eyes and see their souls. I´m a proud vegetarian, I save the animal population therefore the environment hence the earth. I´m the solution to a long lasting healthy earth with healthy people. I´m a proud vegetarian!!!

      1. I said I´m a convert to vegetarianism, and saving the earth what hatred are you talking about. It´s common sense what I´m saying.

        So you knew I was going to read this and make me comment……you´re evil

      2. Ofcourse i knew!!! This is ur favourite topic to irritate the hell out of me!! Remember the last nights pasta 😐😐!!! And you turning into a vegeterian is like me eating a fish!! Not possible at all 😐😐😐😑

      3. What? Don´t know what your talking about. I do know this I said I´m a vegetarian if you don´t believe I´m in your camp is your loss. You have a great ally here and you fail to see it…..

      1. Damn, I was partially hoping you were serious, could have been a nice parlay into a post I wrote about some people being over sensitive to jokes 😛

      2. Women failing me…that could very well be my new blog title, or the title for the movie they should make about my life.

      3. Well, except my mother of course. That would make for an awfully lengthy title though, wouldn’t you agree?

      4. Thank you kindly. (I accidentally typed kinky there, thank heavens for auto correct.) Nice? Yes. Cynical? More so by the day. Lol

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