$1 Million for this piece of shit!!!

So i have decided that i am leaving behind my Social Media and Corporate Communication job and hunting for a Mobile Application Designer to create a piece of shit as GARBAGE these days make a lot more money than one can imagine!!!

I just came across this piece of news which made me think again regarding my career and literally made me feel like:


‘Yo’ is essentially a messaging app that lets you say ‘Yo’ to your friends. There is absolutely nothing else to the app, and the company describes this simple functionality as a “zero-character communication tool.” The app doesn’t have any complex login process either — all you need to do is choose a username and then invite your friends to the app to start sending them Yo.

According to the publication, the app took only eight hours to develop and is already catching a lot of attention for its utter simplicity. In fact, over 50,000 users have signed up for the service and have till now sent a total of over four million messages. In fact, developer Or Arbel managed got an investment of $1 million and is moving to San Francisco to work full-time on the project.

Check it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.justyo

What made me laugh like a lunatic was this review by someone on that page:

Changed my life:  This app is amazing. It changed my life. I used to have a terrible relationship with my mother. We would never communicate in such a very heartfelt manner. After the discovery of Yo, I have the relationship with my mother that I’ve always aspired to. At last, she knows truly of my inner most feelings. We are so close, now. Everyday we Yo. Every minute. My life is amazing, now. Yo has changed my life forever.

kill me


14 thoughts on “$1 Million for this piece of shit!!!

  1. How about this one:

    “Fantastic This app is revolutionary! It has added a new dimension to my life, I I’m lost for words, I can’t keep away from Yo.”
    Revolutionary? Seriously. He can’t keep away from Yo? It’s so bad it’s funny.

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