One Last Time

Angel of death

A step here a step there

Running away from staring gaze

Finding a prey to satisfy soul

Runs in the west towards the snow

Her amber eyes standing alone

Standing besides he holds a smile

Pleasurable time is what they want

Lying in the arms she felt so strong

Sipping a drink gazing the stars

A blow on her head and the dress is red

No one knows when the life begin

It’s hard to realize how it all started

God made man say’s the Bible

With body as a vehicle, spirit as a driver

Hold on her hand as the life pass

Sing a soft lullaby which no one knows

He feels contended, satisfied and fine

Looks at his prey for one last time

Tearing a piece of her little red dress

Dropping in a box with utter disgrace

It carries her smell reminding him always

He is a devil in disguise and an angel of death

Memories of the prey is what he collects

His love was true for those few seconds


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