Feel the Rains – A Short Story


With lingering smell of rain mixed with the smell of wet mud, I stood there for a moment under the gloomy clouds. Cold, fresh water was coming down on my hands and as the droplets trickled down my body I stood there frozen, looking at the horizon above me. I had tears in my eyes but I was happy that no one could see it with the water falling on my face. Heavy rain had flooded the streets and it was an unnatural darkness of that afternoon. Lightning and thunder could be hears till long distance.

Under the covers of darkness I looked around, saw many things and for the first time in my life realized the fact that “Some people actually feel the rain while some like me just get wet”. I felt a blanket of happiness spread over the city as if the rain had washed away their pain. A little boy with torn clothes but a big smile on his face was rolling a rubber tire while running between the puddles. He smile made my heart melt with joy. On the corner of the same slum a little girl in shattered clothes was jumping in puddles with another girl of the same age. They were enjoying rain forgetting their sorrows and poverty. I felt as if most of them have suddenly become a slave to the emotions which had been long locked up in their hearts.

At a little distance, a teenage girl was standing in her balcony. She held one hand out in the rain and then looked at something across the street to smile. The weather was lovely and she had the glimpse of the guy who made her cheeks go pink. I could see love on her face as if she was dying to tell the world how much she loved him. On the other side a young man stopped his car, opened the door and stepped out in rain enjoying the water drops falling on his face. He was nostalgic remembering her beloved and smile adored his face. I felt as if he wanted the rain to quench his pain that he was holding inside him since long.

Across the other side of the road was a lonely bus station and inside a couple rested on the bench looking into each-others eyes. They were like two teenagers crazily drowned in emotions, holding hands and immersed into each other as the weather got more beautiful outside. A young women of my age was wiping tears from her eyes as she touched the water drops. I could see the redness and puffiness in her eyes. She looked like an abused and dejected women totally unhappy in her marriage. “She might be her father’s princes once” I thought to myself. On the other side a little girl was laughing loudly after being lifted in air by her Daddy. Some children returning back home from the school had the biggest smile on their faces as they splashed water on each other.

A litter of puppies running behind their mother caught my attention. The small ones were jumping in rain as if they got relieved from the scorching sun that had engulfed the city from past two months. Colorful umbrellas decorated the aura of the atmosphere. It made me forgive my pain and look at life with a different perspective.

Each one of them had their different wishes carved out in rain. And then I looked at myself still standing at the same place, frozen and watching everyone but with happiness in my heart. I looked up to the sky and let the drops fall on my face so that I can start to feel the rain.






5 thoughts on “Feel the Rains – A Short Story

  1. This is so beautifully written. I could see all that you described and felt hopeful that you could finally feel the rain on your face:) Lovely write, and thank you for visiting my blog, I am truly humbled. Oliana

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