The gift of GRATITUDE

GratitudeWe are placed in a world where taken-for-granted attitude is nothing but common. We see everything in term of right and wrong. But in contemplative mood we soon realize that three things follow us wherever we go. They are uncertainty, fate and impermanence. Hence be appreciative of whatever you have, here and now, rather than what you dont have. This is what the world calls GRATITUDE.

Gratitude has the power to wake us up and shake us up completely. it can put you off the clock of expectancy. Gratitude is a spiritual gift which every human has and it flows from a positive state of mind (heart). Humility is something highly regarded and respected in every place, terms, religions and people.

We live in a world where we have so much but we do not have the gift of gratitude. Look around and see it for yourself, you wil see a very little amount of it. This is a competitive and consumer led society where we are encouraged to cultivate all the negative things and there is as little as no focus on appreciations and gratitude. In-fact ask anyone around, check their mentality, most of the people look upon at gratitude as sign of weakness and dependency. IT can even cause embarrassment. But it’s the time when everyone needs to step put of this perspective and release the spiritual feelings that helps an individual give merits to whatever life has provided him with.

I recall a number of years ago taking a walk, with a friend, along a local riverbank. The day had started out fine but gradually the sky grew darker and we found ourselves in torrential rain. Unable to seek shelter, we journeyed on – saturated. I passed some comment about our ‘ wetness ‘ when she said: “ If we were in Africa now we would be dancing. “ Rapidly my perceptual field of view shifted, quite dramatically, and I fully realized the value of what she had said. Fully drenched, but laughing we journeyed on somehow less concerned about the rain. Re-framing the experience had brought me joy and taught me that one person’s grief is another’s gratitude – Michael Lewin

gratitude-2Gratitude unlocks the beauty of life. It is a force in your life that accelerates the magic. Everyone of us must have heard about Newton’s law of motion “What you give is what you get”

Practice gratitude little and see your life changing little and then try making it a habit and see the magic touching your life and making it worth living.


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