Promise – A Short Story

Tracy!!She sat on an uncomfortable chair, her knees hugged tightly close to her chest. She was staring at the handsome man that was sleeping in front of her. His hair was the color of the midnight sky and his eyes like deep Blue Ocean. His skin was pale and white. Freckles were sitting on his cheeks like shining stars.

Love does crazy and stupid things and Tracy knew it too well.

It was some two years back when Tracy was standing on the Victoria Station waiting for her train. It was a cold winter night and the trains were coming and going at regular intervals. Her train had not yet arrived. The night was particularly chilly and she was searching for a hot cup of coffee. As she sat on the bench after grabbing her coffee. She could feel two eyes burning into her. A little bit away, near the pillar was a man standing with a suitcase in his hand and staring at her as if he saw a ghost. He was dressed well, as if for a conference. Black plated pants, green shirt and a black overcoat. From far distance Tray could see his sparkling blue eyes.

She looked at him and shifted her eye back into her coffee mug. She was carefully looking at her coffee and the bubbles that were forming inside, just to avoid his stare. She could feel him standing there still looking at her. The whole station was still in a deep slumber and a faint light from somewhere distance was sneaking in between the platform roof and the train ceiling. He started walking towards and slowly passed by her to the coffee shop next to her. She felt relieved but she did turn back to look at him. He saw her turning and a faint smile appeared on his lips. He could see the excitement in her big round eyes. Her short hair were falling over face making her look mysterious. Her slightly raised eyebrows were attractive and he felt as if he could look at that face for a life time.

Suddenly Tracy looked at him and smiled. She couldn.t refuse that she liked him. He saw it and that was a moment for him where he spent almost 10 minutes dreaming on that one smile. There was something very sensuous about the whole moment. It was like a love at the first sight for both of them.

And then her train arrived. Lost in his thoughts he suddenly noticed her standing up and walking towards the train that was slowly coming to a halt on the station. Time had flown by and the clock was conspiring against his desire. Something within him started burning and the train started moving slowly. She stood there watching him and as the door was about to shut for one last time she saw him running and he was inside the train just in time. That is how Tracy and Alex first met.

Tracy walked into her empty apartment, entered the kitchen and kicked the door behind her. She made herself a sandwich and sat on the dining table. As she took her first bite, her stomach rumbles. She cannot help herself but think about Alex. They had been together from two years and Alex kind of saved her from her very troubled life. Before Tracy met Alex, she was in a complete mess. Depression and anxiety kind of controlled her life and that kept her unhappy all the time. She lost all her friends due to this and to a point, she had lost herself.

After she met Alex, her life changed. He helped her get out of everything and she breathed a new life with him. Tracy’s father was abusive and against the relation. He even tried locking her inside the house but Alex saved her. He had a huge fight with her dad and got himself beaten up but in the end police turned up and Tracy was rescued.

Tracy was now staying with Alex and his sister at their little but beautiful apartment. Whenever Tracy thanked Alex for saving her, Alex would thank her back. He insists that it was other way round and Tracy made his life beautiful.

It was just a week back when Alex told me that he had been diagnosed with Brain Tumor.

She didn’t finish her food and left it as it is on the table. She was sitting on the sofa and went to sleep in her deep thoughts. She woke to the sunlight beaming through the window on her face. Her eyes were heavy from exhaustion. She runs back to the hospital where Kaira was sitting besides her brother, her red puffy eyes clearly saying that she dint sleep either.

Alex was awake, he was looking pale and he smiled weakly at her. Kaira left for home and Tracy replaced her. She took his hand in to hers and tears started rolling down her cheek. His hands fitted perfectly into her, like a puzzle.

Tracy looked at him, he looked very fragile.

“Please don’t go” and she cried

Alex pulled her closer “I promise, I will be here”

Tracy pressed her forehead against his body. She sobbed. He moved a bit aside making room for her to lay next to him. She curled up next to him with his arm around her and her head resting against his body. The rhythmic beating of his heart in her ears seemed like the sweetest melody. It was an assurance that he is with her.

The day came to end. Tracy sat beside him the whole day and finally the moon was up beaming in the sky. Alex cupped her face with his hands

“Go home and sleep”

She smiled back and kissed him on his forehead “Love you Alex”

“Love you too”

She walked out of the room silently praying that those won’t be the last words she would hear from him.

The next morning she was woken up by the sound of the telephone ringing in the house. Throwing the covers on the side, she ran to pick the call.

“Hello” she said almost chocked up”



“Hi, I am Dr. Juan and I would like to meet you urgently”

Her body froze and panic started to run inside her. She dropped the phone on the floor and ran towards the sliding door. Slipping into anything she found in the cupboard she ran towards the hospital.

“Please Alex please, be there, and keep fighting “she was praying all the way to the hospital.

She ran through the entrance of the hospital and past the counter towards the elevator. She was pressing the button several times in a hurry.

Are you okay?” a nurse stopped by and asked her.

She was crying trying to catch her breath. Without answering her she took the stairs and ran upwards towards his room. She pushed the door hard and it banged with the wall. Kaira and Alex both looked over to her.

“Baby, are you okay?” Alex asked her

She ran to him and hugged him tightly. Tears were rolling her cheeks.

“Just a bad dream” and she smiled

Later on she went to see the doctor. A neurosurgeon informed her that emergency surgery was necessary, but was extremely risky, and it was likely that Alex may not survive. His vital organs were beginning to shut down. They had no choice, either proceed with the surgery, or lose him for sure.

Tracy sat there thinking, her mind still in disbelief. She took all her courage to say yes.

Operation started. Tracy was moving back and forth in the lobby. Kaira tried to calm her down. She prayed all the time for Alex. She could trade everything she had for his life. She is circling around the table in constant worry. Four hours later the light went off and doctor came out.

Tracy ran past everyone pushing two of them towards the doctor.

“Your prayer have been answered Tracy” And he smiled at her. The tumor had been removed. Alex still had to be in the hospital and under intensive care but he was safe. He was back to her. His life had been saved.

A few years later

Alex still has some minor disabilities but he is progressing with it. One of his optic nerves was severed because of the tumor, so he has partial blindness in his right eye and has to wear glasses. Tracy loves him more than anything in her life. Tracy is helping him gather the pieces of his life and they are living happily being there for each other always.







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