To the Rainbow and Back

rainbow186Bad things happen
And is followed by good
There will  be a rainbow
After the  heavy rain
Life is not as we see them
And god never wanted to be like that
But trust is all he wants
And we sails us swiftly across the storm
You never get what you cant bear
The pain is always a little less
He makes sure he gives us the things
Clearly defined within our limits
After the rain comes a new day
Everything is fresh, green and alive
Seven colors define the signs
As codes towards a happy life
Bubbles float across the sky
They have rainbow on the edge
It is worth being a bubble
To have a rainbow for a little time
Artists paint them
Children make wishes
Dreamers are there to chase them
And i am ahead of everyone
No matter where you go
In this world or probably the next
The rainbow would find you
And spread the love making you blessed
There’s a girl who loves rainbows
A girl so complicated yet simple
She is crazy, lost and mad
And no one can ignore her dimple
She believes in the rainbows
and the touch of its colors
Dancing under the rainbow
She builds a castle in sand
Life is like a rainbow
Filled with vibrant colors
Countless shades and touch of love
One day the rainbow will shine for you


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