Splintered Along – A Short Story

ElenaShe spreads her gaze around the greenery of the garden and those beautiful flowers blooming, covered in the morning dew. Running faster she ignores the burning in her muscles and just keeps on running. Exercising is her way of getting things off her mind, things which she doesn’t want to speak about. Just Elena and her music.

The weather was gloomy and dark, something that increased the intensity of her depressive mood. She hated such weather when everything was just too dark for the brighter thoughts to peep into her brain and giver her depressive life a little bit of sunlight. Work was no good either. She had always wanted to be a nurse, helping people, caring for them and she loved her job but she was not able to break herself from the barriers that were keeping her unhappy.

A broken marriage!! How can one be happy with it? Especially when you have no clue what actually broke it.

It was her regular routine, running at the park, the only time she spent with herself pushing away the negative thoughts and listening to the music while running. An hour later she was headed back home. It was still dark, the sun was nowhere to be seen, it should have been out considering the 7.30 am time. She cursed it like she did every day.

She fumbled with the key in her hand trying to open the lock. She dropped it twice and finally the key turned round leading her into the foyer where the cold air touched her sweaty face. There was silence in the house, dead silence which means Andrew was still sleeping. The television would have be ON if he was already awake. She let out a sigh of relief.

Shutting the door behind, she walked down the narrow hallway that lead to kitchen and walked out of the dining room. It lead into another hallway with four bedrooms on the side. Her room was the biggest of all four, with expensive furniture, and a big kind-size bed. Andrew was curled up on one side of the bed. She stepped into the bathroom ensuring she made no noise and slipped into the shower. It was Saturday, no work and she decided to finish up the kitchen chores before she can sit in the living room by the fire place and read her favorite book.

Elena grew up in a small town with one younger brother, pretty much in a cheap and poor fashion. Andrew was born with a golden spoon. Meeting Andrew, falling in love with him and making him fall in love with her was a shock to Elena as well as Andrew’s family. Elena never got along well with his mother, she still doesn’t, but what can she do about it?

After having a quick shower, she opened the closet door and rummaged through the clothes stacked in there. She picked a red cardigan top with a blue jeans. A small knock on the door makes her turn around. It was Andrew standing there in his pajamas. He was always well groomed with a clean shaven face, small golden hair, tanned skin and amber green eyes.

“Hi” Elena squeaked out suddenly seeing him standing there. She was always nervous and afraid around him. Andrew smirked and entered the bathroom, brushing his teeth and splashing cold water on his face.

He looked at her from the corner of his eyes with an intensity by which she knew that he wanted her right now. As he walked over to her, she could smell his cologne coming closer. Suddenly within minutes, her back was pressed against the wall and his lips were on hers. She kissed him back, not because she wanted to, but more because she dint wanted him to be mad on her. His cold hands grips her face tightly and one more time kisses her passionately. She felt relieved as if this is what she needed to get away from everything.

As quickly as it happened the next minute he was two feet away from her, his mouth suddenly off her. This was a routine, nothing that Elena had not faced before.

“I will get the breakfast ready” and she runs in the kitchen. Her hands were balled into a fist as she walked towards the kitchen with various thoughts in her mind. “He dint want me” was the prominent one.

Tears were visible in her brown eyes as she sorted the vegetables on the kitchen floor.

What happened to that happy couple we once were? She thought to herself. There are days when he cannot keep her hands off her and the very next day he suddenly distance himself so much as if she is not good for him anymore.

Elena has memories of happy times and nothing else. They were married for two years and everything was ok for six months. A tear escapes her eye and she quickly wipes it away.

Andrew walks in the kitchen standing next to her. HE was constantly looking at her. After a minute she looked over at him “Why are you staring at me?” She asked cocking her eyebrows.

“Just love watching you cook” he replies.

“Elena” he whispers


“I love you”

“Why is he being so nice to me?” Elena thought to herself. For the past year he has been like this, absolutely moody, a condescending asshole.

She doesn’t reply back and goes back to her cutting job with millions of questions blasting her mind.

As they sat for the breakfast, Andrew is again staring at her.

“Is he seeing me for the first time? Or have in been converted in to some alien?” not one she has various thoughts.

“The food is delicious”

Elena smiles back.

A couple on minutes goes by in awkward silence and then Elena asks “What is with this staring thing?”

“Can’t I admire my beautiful wife?”

“You never did that before, what is it today?” And she immediately regretted whatever just came out of her mouth. He stared at her with burning intensity and smashed the plate on the opposite wall

“I am done” and he walks back in the room

She ran behind him “I dint mean it that way” She consolidated

“Of course you did, you always do that and then you have and excuse ready” he snapped back.

“I am tired of being a bad husband in this relationship. I try and give you everything and all I get in return is your bitchy attitude” and he slammed his fist into the wall.

“What do you want Elena? My money, my reputation? What???” and he scowls at her

Elena starts crying. She has no answers, she lets out a cold gasp “I want nothing”

This time he slams his fist on the table. The glass on the table goes down crashing in thousand pieces and the cold water splashes on Elena’s toes.

“What happened to us?” She whispers

After six months their marriage had been disastrous. Andrew changed and Elena stood there watching it all happen.

“I don’t know what happened to us Elena, we just drifted apart” he admitted

With his hands on his face he sat on the corner of the bed.

“You mean everything to me Elena” he whispered

Tears rolled down Elena’s cheeks and she wiped it off with the corner of her sleeve.

“I am sorry for being such a horrible husband, but I don’t even know whether it can be fixed or not” those words tore her heart apart. She had stomp in her stomach and she just wanted to run away from there without listening to anything further.

She let out sobs and wiped it with her sleeves

“I hate hurting you and seeing you like this Elena, I am sorry” he paused for a second, “I want a divorce Elena” he mumbled.

Those were the words she never wanted to hear. She had been trying hard to save their marriage and Divorce was the last thing she would have ever wanted. She felt weak in her knees.

She could hear his footsteps as he walked out leaving behind a broken heart.





7 thoughts on “Splintered Along – A Short Story

  1. I felt like I was there as an observer…so very genuine and real…I could feel the hesitation and pain on both sides…lots of emotion…if there was more I would have continued on easily. Your words grip the readers mind. Very nicely done K!

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