A wrong move is all it takes
To turn the brightness into a absolute waste
A painted lie on my face
It’s hard but i try to make
In my journals the secrets are revealed
It says about everything i feel
Sitting alone i act like a drone
I want my home to be an underground drone
All my thoughts follow me to bed
It’s so sad now i have no tears to shed

But i stare at memories life gave
The wonderful times i brought me near
I will make it live for a long time
The darkness in me cannot take it away
Days after days
Years after years
Your memories will live
And i will make it immortal

The sky may weep for forgiveness
I will be dry as i am dead
There’s too much to prove
And i need no explanations
Who am i to sit and judge?
As i think this i am off to another world

Image: Ingrid Endel


8 thoughts on “Recall

  1. I find the way you write your emotions soothing and so genuine. The way you share easily captures the attention of a reader…no complicated words, easy to understand and feel what you feel…to know you is to love what you share my sister! Have a very blessed day!

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