A Free Man


That hole in my heart
That is what you left me with
It is where you used to be
When i plunged a knife in it
Setting you free
As the cold winds blow
This hole in my heart
Reminds me of my tears
There was a time
When you were all i wanted
Now i have built a wall
A strong and sturdy one
It protects me from hurt and pain
And everythign that you gave as a gift
It keeps my heart tucked away
From your attractive attacks
It protects my little heart
From dying thousand times
For now it’s my vow
I will never let it happen again
There is a pain inside me
Which cannot be killed
I feel lost and deprived
For you chose the other way round
I am a ghost of a girl that i used to be
I am a shell of a girl that i used to know
Broken pieces of my heart
For a barely breathing story
Once we were all smiles
Now its only me
But i will make myself “stronger”
I must go and continue
But somewhere in the little space
You will continue to live forever

Image by: Bing Wright

Inspired from: LONELY – Christna Perri


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