Between you and I – A Short Story

Her frizzy hair waltzed on her shoulders when the ray of light falls on the cheekbones highlighting it naturally. There are swirls in her eyes when she looks at me and her eyes dances in joy caressing me with a gentle stare. I can hear the echoes of the heartbeat that are born from a tender heart. Her delicate soft skin like the petals of roses and the influx of blood flew through my body. She was a fragile bud trying to blossom into a beautiful flower. I had seen her from the day she started to bud. I wanted to water her, touch her and feel her but my hands were tied. I observe her every move, the silence in her eyes spoke to me.

I loved her from the day Melanie introduced me to her. She was Melanieโ€™s best friend and I was Melanieโ€™s boyfriend. The moment I saw her I was affected. There was something about this girl I could not forget. She was all gifted with the most beautiful face to an intelligent mind. She saw me the same way I saw her. We shared a bond, may be not of this birth but from some other birth. It was pulling our hearts unconsciously.

That day, I decided to tell her, to pour my heart out. It would be hard on Melanie, but I was out of love. Grace was everything for me. I loved her and I yearned for her. But real life is far worst then those fairy tales written by the people who portrayed to world that Love was easy. Not it was not. I was hit by a car, I died two days later. That was 15th September 2012. Two years passed by and finally we are dating. Yes! We are dating.

Melanie was broken by my death but she moved on with life. She is dating peter. They look happy together and I am happy for her. What tears my heart apart is Grace. She forgot to live. She loved me and I know it now. She is a special girl. She can see me. I am always around her. She has forgotten how to smile. She knows I love her too. We talk, we walk together and we sit by the ocean but we cannot touch. I can see Grace and she can see me, but we cannot touch each other. I am like a vapor, a transparent medium.

Everyone thinks that Grace is an abnormal person. They see her talking to the wind, smiling at no one. No!! She is my grace, who is not mad. She speaks with me. She has dedicated her life to a person who is already dead. She is waiting for the day when she would be like me.



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