Ghost Girl

Mystique and Mesmerizing

Richard M. Ankers - Author

For Kruti. Check out her wonderful blog.

Ghost Girl

There’s a ghost of a girl that haunts my nights.
She floats across the surf,
Glides past the breakers,
Of the beach I sit and view.
She’s searching for something,
I think?
Perhaps, the life the ocean took from her,
Perhaps not?
I see her from my room when the full moon shines,
Hear her too.
I thought it the wind till I realised there was none.
She mourns,
I mourn with her,
As her porcelain features look to the glistening sands.
I wish to help her,
Aid her,
But dare not.
Yet, still, I sit and watch her,
As I weep upon my window ledge as she tugs at seaweed hair.
I wonder if she’ll every find what she’s lost, one day?
I wonder if I’ll ever be free of her innocent sadness, or not?
Until then,
I’ll sit…

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