A Message in the Bottle

True love is rare and is the only thing that gives our life a real meaning.

I walked along the golden beach
Sand shimmering like golden things
Crystal blue water and a message in the bottle
Breaking the waves saving itself
It reaches me as if meant for me

A message from my soul mate, dated years ago
Hopes and desires, praying that one day it transpires
Those were the words left unspoken
And the things which we never did
This letter traveled raging the waves
Tossing and turning and finding me in the end

True love is pristine pure
The only cure for a dying heart
True love finds you once in a lifetime
And i was rejuvenated by a bottle in a cove
I was his compass in conundrums
When everything shattered in the ocean’s doldrums
Flickering torch in the dark nights
left a mark haunting my life

We never met but will be remembered forever
True love will sprinkle, spark and shine


11 thoughts on “A Message in the Bottle

      1. No!! Infact i have few questions!!! Plus this is by far one of the best thing and trust me m not lying or bluffing or makin u feel good by any means πŸ™‚

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