For Andrea!! – A Short Story

baby-17316_640Standing by the corner of the room, Daisy had tears in her eyes. Those were the tears of happiness. She stood there watching Richard and Andrea play with each other. To Andrea, Richard was more like a friend than a father. He made doll houses with her and they painted together. Her little green eyes sparkled every time Richard holds her and swings her up in the air.

And then she was lost back in the track of time

Daisy had tough working hours, from morning nine to evening seven. She had no peace after coming home either. One can always see her entering the house and immediately tidying up. Mumbling to herself she would look at the mess across the room. A beer can here, newspaper on the floor, and a sock lying in the corner. Who on the earth walks with one sock on? But she was sure that Joe wouldn’t even realize it. Does he know that he was missing a sock? And the answer was “NO”. Daisy and Joe had been married for over 1 year after Daisy was pregnant with Joe’s baby. They thought it as a wise decision for the better future of the child. But one thing Daisy dint release was Joe’s addiction. Joe was a drug addict and his addiction was getting worse. Do we think about all this things while falling in love when young and full of life? No. Daisy loved Joe as they studied together. Joe fell in the bad company and soon was on drugs.

Looking at the mess daisy had only one thought “She couldn’t complain it to anyone as she herself had decided to spend life with him”. This was true. She worked whole day, she came home and cleaned everything after him and all he did was spreading mess while looking after their daughter Andrea. Daisy was sometimes scared leaving Andrea on his responsibility. Joe was never a good father. He was busy in his addiction, listening to music and drinking while Andrea was left alone in her room to play with toys. He would check her periodically but never gave her a little amount of his time.

Her anger towards him was bulging like a volcano. She works and boils and even cleans the house and on the other hand, he is utterly clueless is his responsibility. Joe was not a bad man but his addiction was getting worse and Daisy tried everything to get rid of it but she was helpless. Especially after Andrea. She had to take the responsibility of her daughter and at the same time deal with Joe and his craziness. It was during her hard times in life that Daisy met Richard. They were like perfect for each other. Richard was her friend at work and slowly got close to her. He knew well about her troubles in life and finally one day he announced it to her “Will you marry me?” IT was not an easy thing to do for Daisy. She had been married for a year, and she knew that Joe needs her. But on other side was her daughter and her future. Joe was not concerned about Andrea and she was not growing up in a good company.

Finally Daisy made her decision. It wasn’t easy for her but she had to do it for Andrea. She left Joe and married Richard. That was 3 years back, Life had been very different in this three years. She was no more a servant in her own house. Richard respected her and was a prince for her daughter. Andrea soon forgot Joe as she was very small and for her Richard was her daddy, her prince and her best friend.

Today Andrea is 4 years old and when Daisy see’s Richard and Andrea happy together she feels proud of her decision. She made a right move. Richard loved her more than his life. It took her a little amount of time to come out of Joe, but in the end it proved to be a wise decision. He took good care of both of them and was a perfect human in a true sense.

PS: A story written as challenge from Richard  🙂




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