Finding it’s way back

shoesWhen you hide the truth
And keep the secrets locked away
There are many things said
In the things you never say
You might feel that time has gone back
You start to believe that time will never come back
I believe you everytime but not this time
The distance you put is the time that we lost
You have a place to go and feeling to hide
Yet i can hear the love everytime we talk
My patience is endless when i talk about you
And i will for a lifetime for that single day with you
So that i can know that ‘one-day’ truth
Real love stays back and has not past
even if it goes away it finds a way back
I would like to believe there is a single day for us
A time and a place somewhere on the earth
To put to rest the uncertainty and to find out
If this could be love than it will find its way back


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