Demented Love Affair – A Short Story

sleepHe peered around the corner of the building walking through the bitter night amongst the dim streetlights. Biting winds were whipping around his face. The snow was coming down more quickly than before and he wrapped the shawl more tightly around him to keep out the cold. He took the steps towards the shop, leaving behind the footprints in the snow. He was out to buy lilies, Kayla’s favorite flowers, at this hour of the cold winter night. Besides a lady managing the flower shop, a baby rested in a padded box tucked in a soft blanket around her. He smiles watching the cute little thing.

“A bunch of lilies please” He drew $5 from his coat pocket and passed it to the lady on the other side

“It’s too cold outside, you shouldn’t be out for the sake of this flowers” and she passes a big bunch of lilies.

He smiled back and rushed out of the shop once again landing in the snow with his shoes making a squeaky sound. He covered his face with a scarf as his fingers were all numb due to the chilling cold. He ran across the street running towards his house.

The flowers were for Kayla, his girlfriend who had spoken to him since a few days. He was worried and he wanted her to speak to him. He really loved her and whatever he did was to help her, but she seemed angry and was not speaking with him since then. She cannot understand that all he was doing was to help her.

It all started a few weeks back. He had prepared a surprise for Kayla as she returned from work. She walked the front door of the house and the sweet aroma assaulted her senses. Making her way through the foyer, she reached the dining area. The room was beautifully decorated with candles resting on the top of a center table and two champagne glasses ready to be served. There were flowers on the other end of the table. Kayla loved flowers and he knew that flowers would make her happy. Walking towards the end of the table she picked them and smelled. Just then he came from the kitchen wearing the oven mittens and holding her waist from behind gently kissing her on neck. He had prepared a delicious meal for her and was waiting to be served. She looks in to his deep brown eyes wondering how lucky she was to have a person like him.

They sat on the table and she took her first bight and that’s when the coughing started. It started with a slow pace and was converted in to a horrible coughing within few seconds and in the end she coughed blood. He was worried. The next few days were even worst.

Her condition had started to deteriorate. He could see her in pain and was not liking it all. They went out for walks, one of Kayla’s favorite activities. She loved walking with her hands curled around his and experiencing the serene climate. But this days, Kayla was unable to walk. She got tired soon and had formed dark circles around her eyes. He could see her being ill all the time. A week ago he called her for dinner but all he could hear was her coughing sound getting worse with each passing day. Finally he decided to help her, because he loved her and could not see her that way.

He walked over to her room where she was sitting, watching out of the window, with her back towards him. She was hunched over so she did not see him or the knife he was carrying. He grabbed her shoulders with his hand and plunged the kitchen knife in her body with the opposite hand. She stopped coughing and started screaming and finally the screaming stopped. She was not coughing anymore. He sighed a relief and made her sit in the chair opposite the TV and switched on her favorite Television Program. That’s when he noticed something strange. She was no more talking to him. He brought her dinner but she refused to eat and was sitting in the same position since then. She just ignored him making no moves. She dint laugh anymore and tonight he thought of getting her some flowers just to make her happy.

He went inside the house calling her name. Again there was no reply. He switched on the audio player with her favorite song and placed the flowers in her lap singing to her. She stared blankly to the wall without a movement.


14 thoughts on “Demented Love Affair – A Short Story

      1. lol!! happens to me all the time!! My friends call me “handless pig” for the amount of typos i make!!! I cannot wrote a single sentence without a mistake from my phone :p !!! But but but!!! Shit you all have started perceiving me as dark mind lol!!! Only happy stories from tomm :p !!!! Goodbye Dark Stories 😀

      2. Aha!!! I hate the sound of the word DEFEAT lol!!! Frankly as of now i think i might lose!!! I really cant focus on happy things lol!!! But i have to try!!! So i will try at least!! lets see how it goes!!! It might go as great as “A reason to live” which got a large number of likes!!!

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