7 thoughts on “Is Mens’ behavior really that hard to decipher or are women just bad at understanding it?

  1. Watching sport while having sex? hahah,that was a good one.

    About being inmaculate groomed….of course guys like that. Let´s not kid ourselves. Same as ladies want an a guy that looks like Brad Pitt. I´ll find it highly doubtful if you wouldn´t open the door to a stud like Mr.Pitt when he is there to “show you his love”. Actually I would considered you weird if you didn´t sex him to death. (That last part came out good right?, “sex him to death”, sounds good)

    And that thing about the guy not caring if you put on some pounds, blow dry your hair, hair in your legs, and what not…if you find a guy or a woman like that, give me a call. “That´s when you know” Those are the words you used to end that paragraph. I´ll say, that´s when you know they are full of shit.

    Just saying as it is, not sugar coating. Humans are humans, and like it or not, they rarely change in basic human behaviour. Even those who talk about some type of idealistic way they see or think about other humans, other things, just live in general.
    Either they are lying to themselves or they are lying to others.

    Just a though.

  2. K, I enjoyed your post! I would say this, I saw something beautiful in my wife’s eyes, that captured my heart…there was a genuine sincerity there. I loved her genuine smile, she did not have to say many words but when she said my name, i knew she was the one. She has the best material things…but she looks her best in some jeans and a tee shirt…because nothing one can put on can change what shines wonderfully from within, as actions speaks louder than words! A beautifully, genuine selfless heart will always win out over false outward appearances whether a woman or man. Have a very lovely day!

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