In a blink of an eye

kkLast night i had a dream

Beautiful and warm-toned

I was five, full of smiles

Back to my home, before it was sold

Younger days, full of joy

Circled my head, making me sigh

I walked a narrow trail, not knowing the end

Standing at dead-end, was my best friend

The moments of  joy, times when we played

It came as a flash, making me blessed

We grew older, time flew fast

We left behind those years, still mocking at us

I saw myself standing in the crowd

My graduation had come, making me so proud

We were best friends, we would be together

you told me to remember, but i had forgotten

I made new friends, i left you back

Your memories disappeared in the shadow of the night

Tonight when i dream, i see my best friend

your memories are back, making me realize

Of all the friends that i have ever met

You are the one i will never forget

We have been through, so much together

In so little time, that we shared with each-other

I trust you by my side

And everything will be okay

Time flies by, but memories stay behind

Everything is lost, in a blink of an eye







4 thoughts on “In a blink of an eye

  1. Wrapped in memories of gold, true friendship like love is priceless it may seem to fade but their essence will always live on called back when one needs a lift to make their heart smile. Very nicely written beloved sister! Hugs and blessings!

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