Confession of a Blogoholic – Memory on the Menu

Today’s prompt is really interesting!!! Memory on the Menu!!! – Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze? Memories are like very strange!!! They give you pleasure and pain at the same time. My recent memories or to be specific good memories are of a person, my best friend, who has left a strong message on my heart, and when you start loving someone everything seems right, totally right. He is someone who brightens my day with a single smile and someone who is always there when I need. He is amazing at everything he does including the things which he is horrible at. Every human has flaws but I don’t see any even if there are. He has blessed me with many things and I just love him for what he is.

There are million stars up in the sky

One shines brighter than the rest

You are that shining star

Beaming brightly in the crowd

I lay on my bed

Feeling drained and blue

I will give up anything

For that moment with you

  And another very close and dear memory is of this Brother of mine!!! :)I just love him. We had good times together, though our busy lives and different cities drifted us apart but till date, i know if i can share anything with anyone it has to be this brother of mine 🙂 !! He kinds of understands my craziness 🙂 KT bro


17 thoughts on “Confession of a Blogoholic – Memory on the Menu

  1. You know you have someone special, when even if they make you angry or mad, they can smile and it drifts away…and you never hold on to the hurts because of the genuine love you feel. see her face and she smiles always as do I, and nothing has to be said for the love in the smile says it all. Treasure those moments, there will be more of them to bring happiness than any pain you will ever feel. Because a genuine love seeks not to hurt or cause pain, and we all make mistakes but will you grow from them, letting your love blossom even more. Your free spirit always shines beautifully through your words! Have a wonderful and blessed week ahead…God bless!

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