A Reason to Live – A Short Story



It was raining outside, the storm was getting more and more horrible with lightening lighting up the white walls of the dark room inside her house. From a distance it looked like a haunted house filled with darkness, candles resting at few places and rose petals around it. It was her style and she loved it that way. She was fond of aromatic candles lighted up in the house as it relaxed her stressful life, giving her peace for some odd reasons. Those flashes of light in her dark room made her happy. Dressed in a long red gown with white pearls around her neck she sat on her piano playing her favorite symphony. It was a Saturday night and she was home, spending some time with herself. She was getting accustomed to her life alone. Smile adored her beautiful face and the thunder seemed to rhyme with her music. Her sleek and slender fingers were elegantly moving on the black and white piano keys. There lay a crystal bowl on her piano table with two gold fishes in it. They swayed swiftly curling each other as she played the music.

Her life had been lonely especially after her long-time relationship ended on a sad note. She lost her boyfriend as well as her best friend. They cheated on her for 7 long months after being with her for 3 years. Who does that? And it was very difficult for her to pit herself against the situations. But, she was a strong lady and she came out as a winner.

It was three months back that he left her. She was feeling sick from quite a few days but anyways he was never there for her. She gave him her everything but in return he pushed her away, leaving her alone after making her believe that he loved her truly. She didn’t believe in true love anymore and honestly after what all happened to her she had every reason not to believe in it.

Jason was the man who tore her heart apart, leaving her alone after running away with her best friend. They met at a bar where she was working as a waitress and fell in love. She got suspicious three months back when he returned home late and she found out a lipstick mark on his back. He didn’t even deny it when she confronted and he shrugged his shoulders to apologize telling her that he was out of love. He even admitted loving Verina, her best friend and that is how it all went bad.

She never got a chance to tell him that she was expecting his baby. He just moved out of the house slamming the door behind and since then she made herself stronger. She never looked back and three months later, she is living by herself, back working in the same bar and arguing with herself that she can do it. She had the most beautiful reason to love her life again.

After playing the music for some time, she entered her bathroom and sliding her red gown below on the floor she steps in to the tub filled with hot water. The warm water helps her relieve stress after two sleepless night. Tonight, she feels better. The uncomfortable moving in her belly that started for the very first time that morning, made her smile even more. Her bright brown eyes beamed in happiness and she looked at herself. She had gained a considerable amount of weight in past two months. With high cheekbones, whenever she smiles she had dimples on her cheeks. And whenever that movement happens, she knew that her baby was also smiling just like she was. Closing her eyes, she ran her fingers through her dark hair. She loves soaking herself in a tub filled with warm water, especially on such cold thunder nights. It gives her peace and satisfaction.

Grabbing a towel from rack she wraps herself in it and slipped in her pink pajamas and oversize white top. She crawled in to the bed under her fuzzy blue blanket and watched the rain outside. The rainfall pounded against her window leaving a soft and rhythmic sound which helped her to fall asleep like a baby hearing to a lullaby.

Her mom offered to stay with her, but she dint wanted to bother her. On the positive side, she had started working again. Her boss was a nice man and when he heard about the condition he offered her the job back. She had made good friends at work and was close to Ben. They worked together and he was protective of her.

6 months later

She lay in that comfortable hospital bed with her mother by her side. Her best friend Ben was also sitting on other side. The sun was melting in her room spreading some warmth. The contractions had started and it was like a roller coaster ride getting stronger and then easing up. She wasn’t crying or screaming, but was breathing heavily as the contractions started. Biting her lips she gripped her mother’s hand firmly. Taking a deep breath, the contractions stopped again and she rested her head against the soft pillow.

“How much longer” She asked the doctor. Her hands were shaking now and there were swear drops on her forehead.

A little bit” and the doc smiled.

Ben looked down at her with his captivating grey eyes and huge smile adoring his beautiful face. A lot of people at work thought that he was hitting on her and when he would know that she was expecting a baby, he would leave her. But it went the other way round. He was always there through thick and thin, taking her out during her odd cravings and desires of eating something at oddest hours of the day. They were best of the friends but everyone knew Ben loved Alicia. She was not ready for any kind of relationship at this point of time. But he never left and was standing strongly besides her and she was happy to have him around.

He stroked her hair “You will be fine Alicia”

She smiled back. Her mother pressed her hands on the side of her head to comfort her. The day passed by in pain and it was midnight when the pain was getting intolerable. Ben was still stroking her head with her mother resting on the corner sofa, trying to catch some sleep.

And then the doctor walked in with the two nurses by his side.

“It’s the time Alicia, are you ready?” he announces. She is transferred on a stretcher and taken in the operation room.

More than ready, I just want this to end” She thought to herself and smiled

And then it started




Her mother and Ben were staring at the beautiful little baby in her hands. She had tears in her eyes looking at that small little baby sleeping peacefully in her arms. Little amount of hair sits on her tiny head. She was perfect and healthy

“She has your eyes” Said her mother and she smiled with tears in her eyes. She looked beautiful with motherhood blossoming in her.

“What will you name her?” exclaimed Ben

“Alice” She smiles wide.

“Our baby” smiled Ben, Alicia looks at him with love in her eyes.

“Yes, our baby” And she took his hand while he plants a kiss on her forehead.

“I Love you” She whispered as her eyes meet that golden glaze that she had been craving to see again. A moment passed by and she stared into them. He puts his arms around her

“Let’s go home Alicia”


PS: Someone said i should write a happy story for once in my life and So this is for that someone 🙂 🙂






40 thoughts on “A Reason to Live – A Short Story

  1. That was a romantic lovely story, It does have a happy ending and the description you used I liked it very much. Overall, great story. Plus you didn´t kill anybody at the end, that was nice.

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