There are days in my life…

Everything seems not fair

Everything has stopped making sense

No matter what you do

Anything doesn’t mean to anyone out there


There are days in my life

When I have no words to describe

The sadness in me, the disappointments

And the situation playing its own game

Emotions are strange

They play a major role

How can someone make you happy?

And tear you apart at the same


There are days in my life

When I cannot feel anything inside

Escaping the emptiness

Going back to where it starts

Through the experiences

One thing I have learned

Finding happiness

Is what makes you live

But then things change

Time will fly away

When you think you have happiness

It stops  making any sense


There are days in my life

When I don’t understand the meaning of life

How can someone take a step back?

And walk away from everything they ever desired

Everyone has reasons

Everyone has situations

But one thing no on realizes

Life is a game and it moves on




7 thoughts on “There are days in my life…

    1. You spelled it right!! 🙂 Just has a space in Between like “Taj Mahal” !! Oh wow you have it 😉 Nice to know that!! From where did you get it 😉 !!!! You should know the history behind it and why is it called “The Symbol of Love” 🙂

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