A shadow on a cloudy day – A Short Story

He avoids firecrackers to this date. It reminds him of that cold winter night, sitting on the beach with his hands locked in hers and her whispers in his ears asking him to run away with her and take her somewhere far away. When she saw the fireworks her face always lit up looking in the sky, and her big dark eyes were full of colors, with her beautiful dark hair waving through the cold winter beach winds. She was no more there, but the feeling never faded. They lived with him only to haunt him wherever he went.

After a long day at work, he passes through that coffee shop, he glanced at a table from the corner of his eyes. They had so many breakfasts there, and he still remembers the look of her face with that hypnotizing smile that reminds him every now and then about his loss, a memory that never cease to break him down.

Walking through the park, he looks at those happy children playing in the ground and some happily swinging, and her face flashes before his eyes. Her childlike innocence was all he admired and not a single day or a second passed without thinking of her. He spent hours dreaming how her small fingers fitted perfectly between his bigger ones and how her body curled so perfectly against his on the cold stormy nights. He saw that swing on which they sat when it was raining heavily, drenched in rain and dark clouds looming above, they had their first kiss. He took her hands and promised her that he would never leave her alone.

Something that happened at Olivia’s birthday party still leaves him in a dizzying state of mind. He can still feel her Vanilla perfume and her lavender fragranced lips. He closed his eyes and he could feel exactly the same he felt that day. He can still feel her smooth skin, running his fingers in her long dark hair and the time when they gave in to the lust they had help for so long time.

He spends his evenings looking at those letters she wrote him. Her writing was beautiful and touching, that sent a shiver through his spine. He admired those poems, all that she wrote for him and something that made its permanent place in his heart.

He cries thinking of those Friday evenings, when they went out and spoke about their hobbies and future plans, singing their hopes and painting a beautiful dream of togetherness. With the days and weeks passing by, his love for her grew more and more. He can still remember the day when he got her on the rooftop and the big smile she held when she saw the beautifully decorated table with a candle sitting on it. It was the day when she gave herself away to him and filled his life with happiness.

As he places pink roses on her grave, he remembers the day when tears streamed down her pale cheeks and she took his hands to tell him the bitter truth of her life. He remembers that exact moment when the words “Cancer” left her lips and blackened his beautiful life forever. He was hiding the tears in his crystal blue eyes. Those words stabbed through his heart and made a permanent wound which is still fresh even after she left. He sheds tears every night coming to her and talking to her “You will hold my heart forever”.

Love is a fragile flower opening to the warmth of spring




28 thoughts on “A shadow on a cloudy day – A Short Story

    1. I never really believed in happy endings. I still don’t. Happy endings are just a load of bullcrap that you see in one of those sappy romance movies that make teenage girls hope for a love that special.

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