Indian Elections at Times Square – New York

As the vote counting process commences shortly, all of them are now feeling pangs of anxiety

Modi chants by young desis (That’s what Indian’s are called in America) gathered in Times Square in NYC! Nearly 200 people watching @timesnow broadcast! Yay!!! I wanna paint my face with Lotus!! 😉 Go Modi Go!! “And back off Gandhi Family, just back off”

Some one just tweeted: This is like a Gujju wedding party that wandered into Times Square: mostly young men and incoherent cheers.  (Gujju is a short form for we the Gujarati’s)

Another tweet: One good thing about the Modi win – we got free chai and samosas in Times Square at this hour – 12.30 am!

A new one: RT @dpanjana: At Times Square, a small crowd of Indians, a large screen with Times Now and chants of “Modi Modi”

Election Results 2014: Early Counting Puts Narendra Modi on Course for Resounding Win

I feel so proud of myself that i have actually worked for him in 2012, while writing for his website!!! A man like no other, Mr. Modi is definitely something.

If early trends are confirmed the BJP and its allies would win an absolute majority of more than 272 seats in the Lok Sabha, bearing out the findings of exit polls.

Such an outcome would open the way for Mr Modi, 63, to become prime minister and act quickly to form the core of a new government.

Betting on a Modi win, foreign investors have poured more than $16 billion into Indian stocks and bonds in the past six months and now hold over 22 per cent of Mumbai-listed equities – a stake estimated by Morgan Stanley at almost $280 billion.

Since being named as his party’s candidate last September, Mr Modi has flown 300,000 km and addressed 457 rallies in a slick, presidential-style campaign that has broken the mould of Indian politics.

In his tech-savvy campaign, Mr Modi  outclassed Rahul Gandhi, the 43-year-old frontman of the Congress campaign.

Mr Modi’s mantra of development has won over many voters skeptical about his Hindu-centric ideology and the communal riots in his home state in 2002 in which more than 1,000 people, mainly Muslims, died. He has denied any wrongdoing and a probe ordered by the Supreme Court has found he had no case to answer.

Mr Modi has promised that, if elected, he would take decisive action to unblock stalled investments in power, road and rail projects to revive economic growth that has fallen to a decade low of below 5 per cent.

Tax and labor market reforms, backed by a gradual opening up to foreign investment, would seek to create the 10 million jobs that Asia’s third-largest economy must create every year to employ young people entering the workforce.

I just love this man 🙂 🙂 CM of Gujarat and to be PM of India – Mr. Narendra Modi



27 thoughts on “Indian Elections at Times Square – New York

      1. How do you know? I can promise you the moon and give you nothing. You have to wait if he´s actions will back up his words. Doesn´t matter how many % of the votes he had. Hitler also won through a majority, sort off, but elected by at least half the population at that time, look how it turned out. It was a gradual how he first started and then how he slowly but surely transformed the masses of poeple. It´s easy for skilled potiticians or just people with that carisma and wits about them to manipulate the masses. Several factors have to come into play at the right time also.

      2. You can read all you want, but how actions are what count not words. They even gave President Obama the Peace price when he just got elected president, and he still kept the wars going for some years and Afghanistan is still going.

        Obamacare “You like your doctor you keep your doctor” How did that turned out?

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