The sad state of Modern Families Modern Families – If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

Talking about me, I would be very happy to greet them and meet them and talk about olden times. Now,

How would you define a Modern Family?? I am sure none of our dead ancestors would want to come back and dine with us in this era of modernization where we have everything, from luxuries to the best of comforts, but if we talk about the “Values”, they have been left behind, buried, somewhere deep down the earth. Everything is so changed, from our clothes to our thinking. If my great grandmother would come back she would beat the hell out of us. She always had that little white stick of her that she used while taking the dogs out and she would use it as a weapon on us. She was a kind of women who loved joint families (A very Indian thing) and today it’s the era of nuclear families. She would literally die again looking at her great grandchildren fighting for property inheritance. All this is something which no one taught us, but it came to every one of us as an influence from various other things happening around us.

She would be shocked to see her own son, lying on the bed in the corner of the house, old and neglected by his own children. They have no time for their own parents. She would be happy to see her own painting, a big size painting, hanging in the living room…but wait a second, no one has changed the flower garland since a long time. It is full of dust. That is how we live today. Everything is just about showing off. No real or true values.

She would be shocked to see most of us in Social Isolation. During her time, Parent and their children’s had a close relationships reducing the mortality rate of older persons.

Due to modernization, several negative changes have penetrated the centuries old traditions, norms and values of the olden times. Modernization refers to those social changes which emerge through institutions and organizations like those found in different societies. Generally we can say evolution of such change in a society is similar to changes taking place in other societies. This new set-up changes the mindset of the people of the society. The rural societies have undergone changes and have tended to become urbanized. The family members break away from the family restrictions.

The predictable results are obviously weakening the family authority, family ties and the very family itself.

First thing we find the impact of modernization on norms, beliefs and values of the family system and secondly on extended family and rise in the nuclear family structure.

It describes modernization changes human thinking and has impact on human behavior. Human beings changed the societal set up and family structure. This change affects family set-up as well as changes the normative structure of the family

Never forget – Family Relationships are important and they contribute to our well being

PS: There are many positive aspects as well, but here we are discussing the shocking states!!


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