14 thoughts on “King or Queen of not giving a Shit!

  1. Some people, for the fear of exposing their emotions and being vulnerable, never say the words “I love you” although they may really want to. I wonder how many regrets have had their origin in this fear. So, the illusion of not caring, or caring less, I believe is contrived for the sake of protecting ones heart. To your point, it doesn’t work and they end up getting hurt in the end.

      1. Some people spend a lifetime protecting their vulnerability. Saying I love you, especially first, is daunting. What if my intended didn’t reciprocate? What if he/she doesn’t love me back? I’ll hold off saying that and pretend I’m not in love. The games then begin. You may have two people in love, but not willing to give the upper hand to the other.

      2. And what if she did love you?? For that you need to tell and express and you cannot be like “i dont care” !! Everyone needs to believe in the institution of caring!! 🙂

  2. I agree that we shouldn’t pretend that we don’t care, but it happens and happens frequently. I think that there is a fear of getting hurt if you say I love you, or if you let someone know that you care. I think that’s part of the problem, and the ensuing mind games early on in a relationship.

  3. I absolutely agree with every word that you have said here.
    The ‘I don’t care’ attitude seems to be trending now.
    People have this ‘ego’ issue coming in between, and maybe,that’s the reason why.
    Some of them, assume that, not- giving-a-shit resolves all issues per-se which isn’t true. It just makes the matter even worse and ugly.
    A very few people nowadays are found to be open-minded and resilient.It’s quite startling, really.

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