“Go, Live for Me” – A Short Story

'Niyati' means "Destiny"
‘Niyati’ means “Destiny”

He stood on the parapet of the Balcony looking ten floors below. The cold winter air was touching his face making it numb. He had flashes of Kayra, his girlfriend, who had just dumped him. It came as a blow when Kayra cheated on him with her office colleague. The two of them had kept it a secret for a long time and finally were caught red handed. He had lost all his hope is love. So tonight he decided to die. His parents died two years back in an accident. He had a steady job but Kayra was his life. Tonight he lost his life. Climbing on the parapet he was about to jump down and suddenly there was a buzz on his cellphone. It was Mihir his childhood friend.

He decided to answer the call as this would be his last call and he wanted to speak with Mihir before leaving the world.

“Hey Sahil, what’s up”

“Hi Mihir, nothing much, you tell how are you?”

“There’s a party at my place tonight, you need to be here”

“Mihir, I have some important work to do, I am afraid I won’t be able to make it”

“Come on Sahil, you know I am leaving for US day after, I want to meet you all and have fun before I leave and you are my oldest friend, you need to be here buddy”

Sahil gave a thought.

“Ok Mihir, I will be there” And he kept the phone down

“I can attend the party have some fun for one last time and the die peacefully” He thought to himself.

Sahil was tall and broad-shouldered, with a mop of dark hair and heavy, solemn brows that were offset by a boyish grin. A pair of dark brown eyes gleamed behind square-framed glasses that kept slipping down his long nose.

He dressed for the party and left. He had fun there. He met all his friends and Sahil ensured that he had the best time of his life as this was going to be a long day. A day that would end with his death.

He left the party at 1 am. He was a bit high but was driving perfectly. He drove slowly looking at the surroundings as if bidding them all a goodbye. Suddenly a dark light flashing right into his eyes made him lose the balance and “Bang” there was an accident. He came out of his car to see what had just happened.

She was lying on the floor trying to get up. She was driving a two wheeler and Sahil had just bumped his car into her vehicle. Thanks to his slow speed driving that she was not hurt, but there was something wrong with her leg, she was not able to move it. Her long brown hair were falling on her face and Sahil could see her partially. Her gleaming black eyes were filled with tears and Sahil ran towards her for help.

“I am so sorry” Sahil was worried and he knew it was his mistake

“Can’t you see such a big vehicle you idiot” She was fuming and at the same time grieving in pain

“Let me help you”

“You better do” She replied sharply.

Sahil lifted her by her waist and placed her in his car. He parked her vehicle on the side of the road. A mechanic had to be called in the morning to take it away.

“I am really sorry, I dint mean to hurt you”

“I know of course, but you should have been more careful”

“Guide me towards your home, I will drop you”

And she started showing him the directions.

“By the way I am Sahil”

“Hi I am Niyati” she smiled back wiping the tears from her eyes. She had dimples in her cheeks and it was the most adorable smile that Sahil had ever seen. Her cheek bones high and protruding to give her a chiseled look on her pale creamy skin. Topped with equitably shiny brown hair, it tumbled down and curved around her lean and slim torso.

“You are a nice guy, you could have run away but you helped me” smiled back Niyati. Sahil just smiled back. And then her house arrived.

Her mom was waiting for her at the doorstep. She was worried as Niyati normally is back from her work at 12.30 am but it was quite late today. Her mother and Sahil together lifted her up and placed her on the bed of her room.

“Ok, I will leave?”

“Hey, some coffee? You look tired”

“No thank you, I appreciate your gesture”

“Then stay back, have a coffee and go”

Sahil couldn’t refuse more. They both sat on the swing outside her house while Niyati’s mother made them steaming hot coffee, perfect to fight the biting cold winter winds. Sahil asked her about where she works and what she does. Niyati worked at Pizza joint and her shift gets over at 12. There was some work and so she got late today.

“I think it’s my fault as well, I was getting late and was driving equally recklessly”

It’s ok Niyati, even I was bit a high, I just finished a party and was heading back home”

“Oh, that’s great”

“Hey how would you go to the office from tomorrow?? Your leg seems in a pretty bad shape”

“I will manage” she said with a big smile

“Hey Niyati, if you don’t mind can I drop you and pick you till your leg is fine? I feel guilty for your condition” She wanted to say yes, she liked him and she was having a good time with him.

“Why not” She blushed.

And then Sahil suddenly remembered his Suicide plans and he smiled to himself

“I can do it after she is fine, a last act of kindness” he thought to himself

They talked about everything that night, from their school days to their college adventures and not once did they realize that the sun was slowly peeping up waving them a good morning. When the saw it, they laughed

“See in you in few hours, I will drop you” they bonded immediately. There was a spark between them. And he left while she smiled and waved him a goodbye.

The new few weeks passed by swiftly and for Niyati and Sahil that was the best time of their life. Niyati had butterflies in her stomach every time she met him and she thought of him all the time. For Sahil, the thought of Suicide had completely vanished. He saw life in her. Her smile made his day and when he was with her, life was better. He waited for the time when he had to pick her up and drop her back. They had turned into very good friends and everything was just perfect. Niyati’s leg was perfectly alright, still she had that bandage on it just for the Sahil to come and pick her.

That day when Sahil came to pick her up, Niyati went running out and then her mother came behind her,

“Niyati, you are getting very irregular with the medicines and she handed her strips of medicines” Niyati’s face drained of all colors looking at those strips, she stared at it as if looking at some long lost forgotten part of herself and took it from her mom

“What’s it for?” Asked Sahil

Before Niyati’s mom could open her mouth to speak, she intervened in between “Normal, pain Killers” she said.

And they went on. Niyati returned home feeling sad. Her mother knew her trouble. She remembered she cannot be with Sahil as all she had was Pain. And she wanted him to be happy. All this while, she was blinded by love and suddenly she realized the clock ticking on her head.

Next morning when Sahil came to pick her up Niyati’s mom opened the door

“Niyati said her leg is fine and she doesn’t need you anymore” and she closed the door. Sahil was taken aback. He couldn’t understand anything. He tried calling her but she never answered. He went to her work place but she was on leave from a few days. Finally Sahil followed her mother while she went out to buy groceries.

“Please Aunty, please let me know what’s wrong?”

Her mother was in shock seeing him there. She saw true love on his face and she decided to confront him. They both sat in a coffee shop

“Niyati is suffering from Brain Tumour, Doctor said it is not curable and she doesn’t have time left in her life Sahil”

Sahil was in a state of shock. Niyati was the girl who gave him a new life. She made him normal again and the thoughts of her leaving the life was too much for him to tolerate. He had tears in her eyes.

“Go meet her, but for one last time, she wants to go way from this world with a smile on her face, your presence would make her life more miserable”

Sahil went running towards her house. The door was open as he enter inside. He saw Niyati sitting in the corner of a sofa with tears in her eyes and looking at her phone.

“96 miss calls and 54 messages” he spoke from behind

She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at him with a smile.

“Oh Sahil you here? You should not be here, just go away”

“I am not here to go, I Love you Niyati” and he had tears in his eyes again’

“I can never make you happy, all I have to give is Pain

“I am ready to take it” and she ran to him hugging him tightly. Her mom saw it all standing at the doorstep and decided to be out for some more time. They cried and hugged.

Next day was their first date. Niyati’s mom dressed her like a bride in white strapless frock and shining pearls in her ears. She looked elegant. Her mom had never seen her this happy. She was contended that Niyati can spend her last few days at peace. Sahil was waiting for her in the living room.

As she stepped out she saw Sahil looking at her in astonishment

“You look so beautiful” he said with his mouth wide open.

She smiled and hugged him and suddenly her head starting playing games with her. She saw everything around spinning and in a matte of minutes she was unconscious in Sahil’s arms.

“Call the Ambulance” he shouted.

Her time was done. She had to bid him a final goodbye. She lay on the hospital bed with oxygen mask on her nose and tubes on her hands. A big machine, recording the rate of her heartbeat, was resting next to her.

“Beep, Beep, and Beep” it went as she breathed her last

Sahil entered the room and he looked miserable. Niyati removed her oxygen mask to speak with him.

“Sahil, I have to go” She said with a smile on her face. Her face had swelled in pain and her nose was all red.

“Please don’t go, don’t leave me like this”

She kept her finger on his lips “Sssshhh……. Don’t cry, you want me to see you crying while I go?”

Sahil managed a forceful smile

“I am going nowhere Sahil, I am with you forever, I am going to be your Guardian Angel” By now hint of tears were visible in her eyes.

“You gave me life, you remember the night we met? I was going to commit suicide and then I met you”

“Sahil, promise me you will live and never have this thoughts”

“of course I will live, If I die, all your memories would die with it. I want them to be live forever” NIyati smiled and caressed her face slowly with her weak hands

“We never had our first date Sahil, I told you all I can give you is pain”

“No Niyati, you forgot the day we sat on the swing till morning? We already have out first date” and he smiled taking her hands into his.

“And what about our first kiss?” She smiled and he bent down to slowly kiss her gently on her pale lips.

“I am going smiling and happily and I don’t want you to see me die, please go away Sahil, your last memories of me should be a smiling face” She said as she signaled him to leave the room

“No…..” and she again kept her finger on his lips.

“Go Sahil, live for me, get married and have babies and if it’s a girl give her my name” and she smiled with difficulty in breathing

“Go Sahil” and she pushed him away. He stood up strongly and rushed out of the room. Her mother rushed inside.

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……. And she went away.






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