Last but not the Least – My cold winter night Friend!!

This is in response to today’s Daily Prompt “Last but not the Least”. Have you ever thought of that one thing which you wanted as the last or the only thing in your life?? For me, that is friendship. World can go wrong, but a friend would stay by you always. Never hurt a friend, and never be left to say that you love them. Friendship is an incredible part of every Human Being. I have been in love and also been alone (oh shit that sounds like a line from Marc Anthony’s song LOL). It’s always good to rise high and move ahead but trust me all the money in the world is not going to keep you company on a cold winter night.



We loved writing

Words connected us

Two enemy countries

Two friends so near

Fuck you world

We don’t care for you anymore

Last but not the least

We are not hypocrites

We saw the souls

And not the religion

Friends true to heart

Are always hard to find

We have so much to say

‘Coz she makes everything alright

I cannot explain

How much you mean to me

Last but not the least

I will be in touch forever



31 thoughts on “Last but not the Least – My cold winter night Friend!!

  1. That was a beautiful poem Mrs. Kruti, hard to find friendships so I´m glad you found it right next door it seems, in the other room that used to be your room and now is not and fuck I´m getting mixed up.
    By the way you do have some issues with Mark Anthony and Ricky Martin……you know he´s gay! How can a hot guy like that be gay. Even I was disappointed when I heard about it. Anyways, good to see you back blogging and writing poems.

    1. What is Mrs kruti in every comment ??? 😡😡😡 dont piss me off huh!!! And yes i love them sing!! How does it matter if they are gay!! I dot wanna marry them anyways 😐😐😐

  2. Beautiful poem and great job with this prompt, Kruti! You’re so right about friendships and as we grow older, the most important things in life become much clearer. I have a long time friend who was in my wedding (25 yrs ago) and she and I are still in touch. But we met in 4th grade. You do the math! 😀
    We’re not close geographically, but we do see each other as often as we can. Another close friend has been in my life for over 20 years, so I would call them my besties.
    By the way, I was entertained just reading your other comments, too. Heehee! ♥

  3. Friendships are so very important whether nearby or far away, Real friendships are born from a genuine concern for another living soul. When one is selfless in sharing themselves they give birth to smiles in another’s life, Caring, sharing, respecting, will always blossom into a true friendship, especially when given, not asking for anything in return. You are always a gem my sister and what you share is always so genuinely you! You are a radiant light in our world…keep sharing!

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