All you Bloggers, Yes you are my Pride and your appreciation is a pure JOY

This is in response11 to Daily Prompts

When I think of what makes me Pride, I come to the conclusion that you all are my pride. I always loved writing, but couldn’t have done it without your motivation. All of you have motivated me in some or other way. You all have been my stranger friends, with whom I share a very special relation. There were times when I was down and sad and suddenly a comment from any of you or even a motivational post on your web pages brought that smile on my face.

I wanna tell you that I LOVE YOU ALL

You all are amazing in your own ways. While some has beautiful poems, some has amazing nutty stuff, some comes up with short stories while some writes on travel. Over all the combination of posts from all of you is what makes WordPress a better place. A platform for people to read and get influences and motivations.

Yes you bring out that child in me 🙂

I Adore you all


We have something in common

We have connection to make us better

Never ending fun

Beautiful memories

It helps me to know

Your presence always

We never saw faces

We always saw writings

A cup of coffee here

A glass of wine there






8 thoughts on “All you Bloggers, Yes you are my Pride and your appreciation is a pure JOY

  1. The loveliness of your embracing words
    Are always such a daily delight to me
    The happiness which comes to life in them
    Brings life to the many smiles we see

    And the selfless heart which is so genuine
    Will always be a priceless gem you see
    For all which you share with us each day
    Will always make you a true blessing to me.

    You are a perfect angel my sister…God bless!

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  3. We meet in a world where faces are mysterious
    but regardless, whether sharing a smile or tear
    our motive remains the same and is very serious

    After many visits, typed comments and likes
    we begin feeling like a family in blogland
    creating special bonds of all types

    You are one star in the sky I’ve enjoyed getting to know
    Your heart and humor shine through in your words
    and when reading your thoughts, my day is all aglow ♥

    (Ok, I copied Wendell’s idea, but couldn’t resist and mine is not up to his standards, but the meaning is the same). 🙂

    A beautiful post from a beautiful soul, Kruti!

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