Sonali – The Glorious Golden Bangla

Sonali blurb front coverIt is not everyday that you find a foreign author writing for a different country, and when he does, the reason has to be special. SONALI is a wonderful work of art and brings out Ken’s feelings for Bangladesh and his love for the people there. It breaks the barrier of time and place and takes you to the place. The book is beautiful and extremely emotional. Simply loved it!!! It is a treasure to be kept for ages!! Time freezes with this photographic memoirs and it would stay back forever. Loved it!!

Sonali is a book of photographic memories and observations of the beautiful land of Bangladesh. Taken from the author’s personal collection of photos collected during his six years living and working with the poorest people in the country, Sonali offers a wonderful impression of a country often ignored by the rest of the world. All profits from the book go towards helping a young Bangladeshi woman achieve her dream of completing a business degree to use in Bangladesh helping empower women in this male-dominated country.

??????????????????????Author: Ken Ford-Powell (UK)

Ken is a freelance writer working from the UK but publishing around the world. After twenty years as a teacher and spending six years working for LAMB – a health and development NGO – in Bangladesh, he began writing professionally four years ago.

He is currently on the editorial boards for Egremont Today in the UK and Welcome Bangladesh for United Airways and regularly writes and reviews for Paste Magazine, The Doughnut Magazine and Xiaoduo in China among many others. Sonali is his first book and Ken is bringing out a book on Memory Techniques for Students and a book based on his experiences in Bangladesh – both later in 2014.

You can follow Ken’s personal experiences about Britain and Bangladesh at his blog:

You can follow Ken’s work and books on his writing blog:


Photography & Memoirs


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