My Idol Authors

So this is my write up in reply to the Daily Post, Daily prompts









The question is “Who’s my idol?” – Not one, i have two!!!!

My answer is Paulo Coelho, I love this man, seriously. I am in love with him since the time I started reading him some three years back. Someday I want to write like him. Secondly I would say that he understands women very well. He has written almost every genres from romantic to inspiring books and he kind of makes me spiritual. From the time I read “The Alchemist”, I follow a butterfly whenever I am lost. And trust me it really makes sense. Another reason is, he is funny and charming which is complimented by being intelligent and sensitive. All his books suggests that he loves his wife and who would not love such a man!! I remember once writing him a mail and he actually replied, though famous and rich he is super-duper down to earth. I have seen him talking to people on internet and donating generously to causes.

Secondly, I just started reading Theodore Jerome Cohen books, and I am in love with him also. He picks up a social issue and writes a story based on it. That way the reader enjoys reading and also gets the message. I recently finished reading his latest book “The Night Shadows” and I simply loved it. I came across this book through Dr. Cohen’s website and I am glad that I did. For those interested in the social issues like Sexual Abuse and Cyber Bullying, this book is a treat. Yet another beautiful tale from the cases of Detective Louis Martelli, NYPD, Detective Sean O’Keeffe. Deputy Coroner Michael Antonetti, NYPD, is suspicious that what look suicide is actually a murder. He goes down drilling the roots and finding more similar cases, Detective Martelli has to save the third victim. The book has a wonderful flow, you pick it up and you cannot keep it down until finished followed by some amazing dialogues!! Its complex plot fascinates the reader and the book has surely got the best character portrayals, I could actually imagine them. Dr. Cohen has beautifully used a crime solving story to address a serious issue corroding our society.

So here are my tow idols:

Paulo Coelho

Dr. Theodore Jerome Cohen

Someday, I wish to be like them in my words






6 thoughts on “My Idol Authors

  1. I know
    Paulo coelho is the first author I read. Alchemist.
    I had to pick up that book twice I never finished the book the first time.
    But it is till date the best book I read about fatalism
    Maybe I’ll try reading the other author’s book if I get a chance!

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