The Beauty of Inter-Country Marriages


Have you ever thought what the most beautiful type of marriage is? For me it’s the cross culture wedding. It brings all together new experiences and eye opening exciting conditions. Also they have their share of hardships and miscommunications as well. It involves two people raised in completely different background and trust me it’s not easy but it’s beautiful. Such relations have special moments which allow people to appreciate each other.

Here’s my list of what makes it beautiful:

Expressing love in different languages
Not understanding everything that’s happening on the other end still feeling special
Talking endlessly on your culture
Tasting a new dish (Cuisine)
A serious conversation on conflicting ideologies ending in “I still love you”
Celebrating new and good times
Experiencing cultural idiosyncrasies
Imagining how the kids would look like
Travelling new places together
You are never bored of each other, there’s so much to know

After all, life is all about adventures, and living beautifully. Here’s a beautiful song, probably many of you won’t understand the language but has a beautiful inter country love story 🙂 You should watch it, the story is easy to understand 🙂





8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Inter-Country Marriages

  1. You hit the nail on the head, there is a certain beauty of that type of marriage, and what holds it together if but are selfless with their love. Beautiful message and a truly lovely song…Kruti…the radiance of your heart and spirit brightly shines! God bless!

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