She chose to shine in the eternity – A short story


Morning was different when she woke up, she looked at the sunlight on her quilt and touched it softly. Her customer had left and she lay there alone and naked. When she got out of the bed, she caught her reflection in the mirror and paused looking at her nude body. She saw the whole of herself and felt contended.

This was her routine, she danced, and then was placed on a bid for customers to price her. The one paying the maximum amount got a night with her. Rani had her own rules. She never went to their places or a hotel, instead she wanted them to stay with her in the room she allotted at Pinky’s bar. Considering her attractiveness, most of them agreed and those who dint were sent away. She took out a little pink bottle from her closet. A man she slept with last night had traded the bottle in return of free sex. She took a little amount from it and placed it in her mouth. She smiled to herself.

The mirror covered with every possible color decoration, as if painted by a rainbow, was emancipating a beautiful reflection. Over all appeal of the place was gaudy. Dark colors, brighter shades, and shiny things were hanging here and there. Lemon yellow walls with circles of different colors looked as if painted by a small child fond of colors. Decorative pieces were hanging from the windows, moving slowly with the breeze, making a little tingling sound. A look outside the window can blind anyone’s eye with those colorful blinking lights and flashy advertisements.

Rani was dressed equally colorful in pink lehenga paired with a hot pink blouse and a green duppatta. She was 18 years old and was the most desired dancer at Pinky’s Dance Bar. She had been dancing at that awful place from past 2 years. Rani never glanced at the mirror, she despised her reflection in there, but today was different. She walked slowly towards the mirror and saw herself, and saw her body, darkly painted lips and big eyes with hint of tears in it. Rani was a beautiful North Indian girl with big dark eyes and slightly tangoed but flawless skin with black shinny hair flowing freely till the waist. Her smile was serene and beautiful with rosy pink lips as if colored by the morning sun. No one ever saw her smiling in those two years. Her deep expressive eyes were so beautiful that, none of the men, who came to see her dance, were concerned with her smile. They liked her body, sleek, slender, and slim with small exquisite breasts and perfect curves in the right places.

Rani walked towards the little raised floor created for her to dance while the lusty men looked at her with so much ardour and sexual appetite as if they were yearning for her since ages. She felt naked while fully clothed amongst this crowd. She was a little sheep left amongst a bunch of wolf to pound on. As she walked in to the dusky, dingy, and dank place, she could hear somnolent buzz of people drooling at her. She could see the crowd like the waves of ocean.

She remembered the “Naintara Beach” where her Daddy used to take her for long strolls. They made sand castles and sat there looking at sea for hours. She was the apple of his eyes. Her daddy had no money and Rani was fond of making sand castles. He took money as a loan from friends but got her the sand sculpture making toys so that she could enjoy the beach better. Rani was his little adorable princess. He called her “Gudiya”.

The smell of smoke and sweat entered her nostrils and brought her back to the reality. The club was filled with people of all age groups. She had to go through the worst to get Pinky, her bar owner, the share of money. She was a slave to her master and she had to do as the master says to avoid the worst consequences.

Two years back when Rani was brought in the world of Rankapur, a high end prostitution city, by a bunch of men who bought her from a women. Pinky was the owner of Pinky’s bar. She was a pimp with powers who literally ruled the Rankapur area. Girls were brought in forcefully from various parts of country and the neighboring countries. They were traded here like cows and buffaloes, literally stacked in big trucks and then showing them to the potential customers. At this place, age does not matter, female of any age from 3 years to 75 years were sold. Infants are sometimes brought in stolen, and sold to the pimps like Pinky, who raise them to push in this dirty business.

Rani looked around, even after two years she was scared of this crowd. Many came forward to touch her breast and some would even press it. Some would lift her lehenga and she had to continue dancing between them. The bar was made for fun and enjoyment and Rani was the toy for those customers who paid a heavy entry fee to see her dance. They had every right to touch her. If she stopped for more than a minute, a big, strong, black men would throw a frowning glare from distance and signal her to continue. Like every girl, Rani was brought here against her wishes and will. She opposed the system in the beginning, and pinky kept her starving for days. She cried, banged her head, and even tried to run away, but eventually gave up. She was raped by Pinky’s special men who were used to handling such girls. Pinky handed over stubborn girls to Abdul and Javed and they kept the assigned girls for a period of 15-20 days, repeatedly raping them until they are used to it. Pinky treated her girls well, but they had to get used to the fact and accept the new truth of their life. If they did, she would keep them the happiest. Satisfy one customer per day and get her money, and the girls were free to do whatever they like for the rest of the day. None of them tried to run, they were watched all the time. A girl once tried running and even succeeded but Pinky’s men found her and she was burned alive. Till date, her name sets an example for the rest of the girls to know the consequences of running away. No family, no children, no one to love them, and Sex all the time was their new life. India is a country where literacy rate is far below compared to the rest of the world, and to lure poor and uneducated girls in this business was an easy job.

Rani started dancing without looking up and the men started whistling and throwing currencies. As a 10 rupee note landed on her hand, she looked at it and remembered the days when they went out to eat 10 rs Pani Puri at ram bhai’s stall. She loved pani puri and every alternate days her daddy took her out to have it. Rani’s mother died when she was two years old and Rani was raised by her father. He loved her and she was his pride. He sent rani to a school saving all his money. Rani was a bright child and she loved studies. She wanted to be a teacher someday.

“Hey rani, how about a night with me”

“Rani come warm up my bed sweetheart”

She could hear all types of dirty comments. She did not look up and continued dancing. Rani’s father re-married two years back. The new mother was no good. Rani always thought of her as a selfish and greedy women. Raini’s father met an accident at the construction site he worked for and died. When Rani’s new mother found out that all the savings were used for rani’s education she got furious. She wanted money and with the death of her father there was no one to earn it. She eventually sold Rani to a group of men who found her attractive. She got a good price for her. Before selling her, those men wanted to enjoy their reward. They were four of them and each one kept rani for two days for their own personal enjoyment. Rani was just sixteen and was unable to fight them back. Pinky bought Rani at a high price. She was attractive and Pinky was sure to fetch a good amount using her. She was her fruitful investment. Rani was loved by everyone at the first sight. Soon she was a desired prostitute in Rankapur fetching pinky a high price each passing day.

Rani’s eyes were now adjusted to the imminent darkness that surrounded the place. For the first time she saw in to the eyes of people watching her. She smiled. Pinky found it strange, Rani had not smiled in over two years. She started dancing with joy. The men were enjoying it but Pinky was certain something was wrong. She signaled her men to check on her. The black men standing in the corner started walking towards the stage. Rani saw him coming and she had a bigger smile on her face. By the time the men reached her lights were going out of her eyes. He saw drops of blood coming out of her mouth. Rani had consumed poison, her lips were blue and she was breathing heavily. She had a strange smile on her lips. Pinky came running there and found her twitched. She was looking at her in a constant stare with a soft smile. Rani was going away, she could here faint sounds of panic in the bar. People were running, pinky was shouting for an ambulance and then it all went blank. It was a moment of eternal peace for her. She died the day she was sold and was a living dead satisfying hungry souls. It was her time to gain the final freedom. She was free and no one can catch her ever after.


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