A Boy with Blue Eyes








You are a picture

Oh! So beautiful

The ocean blue eyes

So deep to dive

You may look rusty

Filled with honesty

Miles apart I feel

A knight in the golden sky

I cannot have you in my arms

So I let you slip away

If only I had a time machine

To go back in time

Changing all my regrets

Making it better than the best

I still love you

A secret forever

I will love you always

Like the sun loving moon

They cannot be together

But the love will bloom










10 thoughts on “A Boy with Blue Eyes

      1. Naaa, there´s not fate, there is nothing that´s predetermined. There is nothing a person can not change, you just have to be willing to risk certain things to make that change. Hard as they maybe, but a person has to have courage to do that. If he or she REALLY want´s it.

        I´m actually quite an expert at taking risks. You have to be willing to put everything on the line, have the strenght to say yes when everybody says no, and have the balls to do it.

        Just a though.

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