Little angel on the web.(poem)

His soul touched her, and she slept!



*Well this is corky*

There is an angel in the world wide web,

she cast her web,

but I can´t find her bed.

Miles and miles apart

and yet she seems so close to my heart.


Don´t know the answer to that,

I guess I´ll just have to tell her I tip my hat to that.

She´s quite a mesmerizing beauty,

plus I like to chat…………………what?!

O yeah, I love that.

She´s smart so she is not a tart.

She smells better than a fart.

Excuse me I had to get back my manlyhood.

And I´m not the best Robin Hood.

Her big beautiful brown eyes,

opposite to my blue eyes as skies where one day we can reach to say these were not lies.

A angelic face, what a grace to see that face as beautiful as seeing Scarface. That´s a movie with no lies..

I never saw a single angel,

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