Some strange feelings, Few unexplainable thoughts



I started reading about this as I am suffering from it at the moment. They scream, squeal and burble, and I couldn’t resist the urge to have one for me, out of me.

“Baby Fever” is an irresistible and visceral urge to have a baby. I just read it somewhere that both males and females suffer from it, with women getting affected more frequently than men.

Gary Brase, associate professor of psychology at Kansas State University says:

Women think they should have kids because that’s what they’re taught women are supposed to do. A second theory had to do with nurturing.

“Humans are biological organisms, we have a sex drive and we nurture once a child is born,” says Brase. “We looked at whether baby fever was due to people looking at someone else’s child and then having that trigger misplaced nurturance. But it wasn’t that either.”

A third theory had to do with timing — the brain delivering a signal that this could be a good time to have a child. But when they talked to their test subjects (a total of 337 undergrad students and 853 general population participants gathered via the Web), none of these theories seemed to hold up.

For me at the moment I have to force myself not to stare at strangers’ babies. It feels like I have both physical tug as well as an emotional desire. Holding a baby close to me makes me feel everything in the world. I actually made a pair a of baby booties few days back!! As a child I preferred painting more than playing with dolls. I loved kids, but never thought of having one. I loved my freedom and spontaneity to travel the world, but this days, instead of my dream of traveling the world, and meet new people, and know different cultures, all I can think of is having a baby. and yes!! if the baby turns out like me, the baby would be surrounded by animals especially dogs!!

Not many scientists have actually researched about the women’s so called biological drive to have a child, and hence there are no universal explanations to it, the reason being, there were more females who never wanted a child than those developing such urges. The only universal theory we know is that women with no desire to bore a child has a high testosterone level in her body or she was exposed to above level testosterone inside the womb. But ask them “What about those who have the urge?” there is no particular answer.

I feel for myself that it is more about culture and looking at other young parents. It has started representing the source of happiness and this craving from within continues. But for now, I CANNOT HAVE A BABY even if we both wished too, as babies can’t be delivered online (wink). My husband stays away. Like everything this will pass away soon. But yes!! keep your babies away from me, i might actually steal one 😉

I found this book for those more interested in such theories – Amazon




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