Idiotic Things Non-Vegetarians Say To Vegetarians In India







It’s really hard to be a vegetarian in India. Day in and day out, you’re bombarded with all sorts of moronic questions and comments from Non-Vegetarians who feel like its their divine duty to convert you to the “meat-side.” And while other people aren’t treating you like you’re some kind of vegan alien, you’re struggling to find places which actually have a decent selection of veg food.

Question – What?? You don’t eat non veg?

Answer – Wow. I just said I’m a vegetarian. Did you figure that out all by yourself?


Question – But then from where do you get your proteins?

Answer – I don’t. Really, I don’t get any proteins at all. I might just drop dead in a minute or two. Just don’t eat me, okay? 


Question – It’s cool, hang out with us and you’ll start eating meat

Answer – Does the same principle apply to all things? Because I’ve always wanted to fly. Maybe I should start hanging out with birds…


Question – We will add chicken to your food and you wont even know

Answer – And I will return the favor by mixing poison in yours. Yay!


Question – Why don’t you try some… gravy?

Answer – Shit. How did you know? How did you know that gravy would be my weakness? Now I can’t help but eat a whole giraffe


Question – How did you never had non-veg?

Answer – I don’t know Justin Bieber, go figure out


Question – No one eats non-veg at home??

ANswer – No. Everyone at home is a pitiful creature who’s missing out on the best things in life, like me.


Question – “But what if you get married to a non-vegetarian. What then?”

Answer – We’ll eat kisses and drink love. Oh, so romantic


Question – What of you have to move to a foreign country?

Answer – I’ll learn that country’s word for “Leaf-Eater.”


Question – Chicken is just like paneer, lol

Answer – Your face is Paneer. Screw you.


Question – You must eat eggs. They’re kinda vegetarian only

Answer – You’re kinda stupid. How about that?


Question – You eat grass

Answer – yesss….blah blah


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5 thoughts on “Idiotic Things Non-Vegetarians Say To Vegetarians In India

    1. Hey richard just wanted to ask that i added a new page for short stories!! Does it show up in wordpress reader??? Have posted a story in morning but no one seems to notice it 😦

  1. Stop flirting with Richard will you…..ay ay ay.

    You know that strict vegetarian is really not all that healthy you do have to mix it up with beans. Just saying, don´t want you to get sick.

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