8 thoughts on “The prices you pay, for being a Female

  1. Are you kidding me? Women work the same hours as men, at least in western countries. They may not get paid as much, at least in the U.S but certainly there are a lot of women in position of power in businesses, politics.

    About being beautiful…..that´s human nature. Ever saw a painting of Picasso where there is a woman, they´re nice looking for that time. We like to look good(except me because I´m shameless) and see the opposite sex that looks good.)

    Would you marry a fat pimpled ugly guy? I doubt it, be honest with yourself.

    Not saying it doesn´t happen, but a beautiful girl with an screwed up ugly guy…..Very vew times you can see them together. And if you see them is because the guy has more money than the entire Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S.

    You´re looks of course gets you ahead in the job, but I doubt that if you have no brain they give you a job whith real responsibilities. Yet again this is human nature. Not this so called “society” as if it´s this robotic thing. Societies are made up of humans, and humans will evolve but the underlying line of human nature will always be there.

    About the breasts, your hormones and that you get weak and you can get pregnant and more often than not you are the ones who take care of the babies, well again is human nature. Females have the motherly thing going on(the majority at least, I know quite a few that are….”beaches”(nice touch right?)..) and males just don´t have it. Not saying they don´t like they´re kids but it´s just different. Imagine if males would act as females, that would be nice won´t it be? Probably sexy for the girls right? “Hey darling let´s go shopping, ” Darling say´s ” Yes! I need to buy a lot of new shoes and ties!” Come one, which girl likes a wussy like that. With the hormones and motherly thing ties up as to why women don´t earn at least in the U.S as much as men, because they are not as efficient if they have to go and take care of the kids or have the time off when the kid is born all those things.

    Now about having to be beautiful, putting on makeup, what do you think guys don´t like to look all pumped up with a lot of muscles have to pay and go to a gym to do that. They suffer too(I´m the exception, never go to a gym, I only went for almost five years and it was because of the job at the time) now I sit around home scratching my “cojones” and smoking like a mad man and eating one hamburger after another). But the rest of the men do like to see themselve´s look good. Same as women, and if you don´t like it, just don´t put make up or stop looking in the mirror for an eternity or stop changing clothes, just decide what you´re going to wear because with all the girls I´ve been with, it´s always the same you strange creatures have spend hours to get yourself ready when it gets to going out and us we have to sit in the hallway and start smoking. Actually I blame women because of my smoking habit, If I didn´t have to spend so much time and too many times by the way waiting for the other beach(nice tough again, wink) to get herself ready and me blowing smoke through my ears and then you made be blow it through the mouth with a cigarrette in hand to try and calm me down and not punch the little dog she has in her house. Plus when she finally finishes ends up asking “how do I look ?” You fucking kidding me? you look awful but what are you going to say “You look beautiful babe, alright let´s go, I love you”.

    If I had breast I would be looking and touching myself all day, you should be proud, BREAST rule, the ass is also important, the face….you can always put a paper bag on top so you don´t see her while you are doing “xes”.

    Stop complaining! Get yourself out of those burkas weare bikinis or just walk around naked……the world would be more peaceful and I forgot, you can not talk unless you´re being asked a question and you should always respond in affirmative. The man should always be right.

    That was a rant.

      1. Don´t curse, it´s unhealthy.

        I have to keep writing so I´m not, I am not, will say it again I will not, trot, nor talk with you. Until I finish my work.

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