Did i just die!!!! – A drunken dream








Is it for real?? I asked myself. I had never witnessed such beautiful orange flowers in my city before, my lips curved in to a soft smile.

But wait a second!! No!! This is not my city. I looked back at the white drapes hanging from a wooden bed laying in the middle of a thick lush forest with only one kind of tree – The orange tree, covered with orange flowers.

I felt a dizziness inside me, I look up at the sky and it looked like dawn. The sky was pink, somewhere there was a sun slowly going down in the water and the rays saying a last goodbye kissing the pink sky. A jolt again “something was wrong with me, the dizziness again”

I started walking towards the bed still confused ‘where am I?’

Holy shit, I cannot walk, I take the first step, a strong pain inside, my neurons making me stable. I looked down “what are those small drops, small red drops on the dry leaves?”

Falling to the ground I lay half conscious. I touched the red drops and bring it near to my eye, my vision blurred making it difficult to see

A sharp line, thick red line on my ankle, the blood was falling from there. Did I just cut my own nerve?? Yes you did. I saw my friend laughing at me sitting on the bed. Eyes wide open in shock I am staring at her.

She passed away last year with a hole in her heart.

“yes you did it to yourself” She shouted back still laughing.

I heard few cries, I looked towards the other side. My mom and dad crying looking at my lifeless body. A knife lay nearby and I just committed suicide. My husband is in a state of shock, we never got a chance to live together. I snuggled with no one to comfort.

A pain in my little soul. Why did I do this?? I left back a bunch of people still confused with one question inside their mind “Why did she do this? “


I just fell from my bed after a horrible dream. I looked around, my room, my mirror, my house. I was very much alive. It was morning, sunrays peeping through my windows and falling on the wall covering it in gold.

Some days you can’t help but have such horrible dreams!!


6 thoughts on “Did i just die!!!! – A drunken dream

  1. wOw. What makes this especially good is the middle part–usually a write’s weakest part, but not here. The disturbed friend’s demeanor–shouting and laughing–is so wildly inappropriate. The detail about the hole in her heart could be interpreted both literally and figuratively given that behavior. Dream-like…

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