Time Travel – HooYaaaa!! someone get me a Time Machine!!

My beautiful friend from Pakistan, Zee, inspired me to write this post!!! A few days back she posted about Time Travel on her blog Life Confusions, Go run, it’s a beautiful blog. Her write up ingrained a though in my small brain – “What if I had a time machine????”

time travel




What if I had a time machine – A machine which allows me to travel through the barriers of time, trust me at this point of time I really need it. Stuck amongst a shitty life I do need a time travel. Most of you would want to go ahead with this machine, but in my case I would love to go back, that’s pretty strange right?? And when I say back, I don’t mean the ancient times or the Stone Age or the golden era!! No!! I want to go back to reverse some of the most horrible things that have happened to me or to alter the horrifying decisions taken by me. Yes, I have made some of the silliest mistakes in life and on the top of that I never learned from my mistakes and continued making more of them. With a time machine in hand I would want to reverse those things.

The time I wasted behind friends who used me for their own selfish interests, the impatient decisions taken during the turning point of my life, the career options that I rejected, my first job – which I quit when I should not have been and the list goes on. Humans tend to make mistakes and they learn from their mistakes but I never did. Until one day I realized what a mess I have made for myself. It was too late, I can’t change things, I cannot go back and most important, I have lost precious years of my life with few precious people in it. I still remember that boy from college whom I avoided coz he had no friends, I still remember that girl from my school behind whole I ran the whole day doing things, taking her out, picking her up and what not and when I needed her the most, she was nowhere. I want to change my decision of not going to US when I actually had admissions in my hand at the age of 18 and at 26 when I realized I should go I applied again, got admissions but NO VISA!! My age and my education (I already have double masters and was going for 3rd one, the officer rejected my visa) got me screwed. I remember my teacher, whom i am not in touch with, I regret ignoring all those people who truly loved me and running behind those who used me (pesky little soul i was back then)  and last but not the least ‘sometime’ but not all the time I regret being in a Long Distance Relationship. It’s hard, too tough and not everyone can handle. If you are too sensitive and emotional, that is something not made for you. Aaaaahhh!!! Too many regrets in my little heart.

Apart from this, if I had no regret in life, with a time machine I would definitely want to travel ahead in time. I want to see how my children’s look, what is their future, what am I doing being old, where am I living….Curiosity you see.

No one can alter things, no one can change things once said or done. Life is too small for regrets and I wish everyone reading this blog should live without regrets, go out, have fun, and do whatever makes you happy. Don’t wait for tomorrow, there’s no tomorrow and you never know what lies in tomorrow, just do it today.


8 thoughts on “Time Travel – HooYaaaa!! someone get me a Time Machine!!

  1. Aww, We all have those moments we want to change. But do you think if you hadn’t made those mistakes , would you be the same person you are today? Who has realized all the mistakes and made the best of it? Everything happens for a reason. Some to test us, Some to break us while some to strengthen us in the time of worst adversities.
    Loved your post. Thank you for the kind mention as well ❤

  2. Regrets? I don´t understand that word. It´s pointless, you´ll live in the past and not see the small opportunities that are in your present, as small as they may be. I just look forward to the future, but I don´t want to know for sure the future….it would be a little boring. I´m the one who has to carve out that future(and you too)and then see how well it all comes to fruition.

    Why do you make me think when I read your blog?(wink)

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