Swimming with Dolphins – Not in the Dolphinariums

My immense love for animals has brought this wish in to my list  !!! I want to swim with the Dolphins IN THE OCEANS – say no to dolphinariums!!









Click on the image to enlarge

The irony is I cannot swim and on the top of it, I suffer from water phobia, meaning, the moment I step in the water my mind is filled with a strange dizziness and the world around seems rotating at the speed of light. Phew!!!! So in a way, this is a wish of mine which is never going to be practical in life…But still I do feel doing it sometimes.
I love Dolphins. They are so cute and highly intelligent and I wonder why do people kill them . I wouldn’t mind having it as a pet. Science says swimming with a dolphin causes satisfaction in human beings and it is a cure for depression. This research invited proliferation of Dolphinariums. The strict animal laws lead to most of the dolphinarioums closing their doors, but many still exists around the world attracting a large number of tourists. I would love swimming with them in the ocean rather than a dolphinarium as a dolphinarium causes stress to the dolphins leading in death. No!!! I want them to live long. They belong to the ocean and not come aquarium.





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