Stars Don’t Twinkle Here – They Shine

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namib bed






Lying in the cold dessert sand and gazing the star studded sky upwards, oh my god, the imaginations of the scene gives me goose bumps. Yes!!! This is a wish on my “Things I Wish to Do Before I Die”. Almost every dessert has a spectacular sky, but for me, I wish to be under the Namib Desert of Namibia, the oldest desert on this planet. NONE OF THE IMAGES ARE PHOTOSHOPPED.

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It’s been 55 million years that the sun has been shining gracefully over this beautiful desert. Namib Desert is spread across the area of 31,200 square miles and has an unforgiving landscape. This place has earned a prestigious position in almost every astronauts “Favorite places” list. Namib Desert is an ideal place for star gazing. The place offers the viewers with a 3600-degree panorama.
Complete darkness with no light pollution is what makes this place a living beauty. It is considered one of the best place for star gazing. International Dark Sky Association has ranked this place as the darkest International Sky Reserve that makes it the darkest sky on the earth. There are only 4 such places on earth, Namib Desert being one of them.

nambia sky






The Sky is studded with thousand skies and when one looks through a telescope, they feel small, because some stars are as big as planets. A super giant star over Namib Desert is 550 times bigger than our own sun. Namib Desert is a great tourist attraction, but with the large number of tourist coming in, there is a fear of light pollution which can permanently hamper the beauty of this night sky. Also it can disturb the sleep pattern of some wonderful animals residing in this part, disturbing the overall feeding and mating behaviors.

There are some other Deserts like this, here’s have a look
Have anyone of you been to this desert??????



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