The Northern Lights – A dream sky

The Wanderer
Have you ever wished to stand on a snow clad mountain and look above to a greenish blue sky?
Yes I am talking about the northern lights – the aurora. This is on the top of my ‘Things I wish to see before I die” list. Life is unpredictable and no one knows what lie ahead. The mystery of MH370 has further made me believe in the unpredictable form of life. The beautiful northern sky over Norway is a beauty in itself. The pictures itself are so mesmerizing making it difficult for me to wait to be actually there someday. NORWAY you are definitely on my travel list soon.

My curiosity over the subject made me read a brief about it. Aurora is indeed an interesting thing – here’s have a read…








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Image Credit – – Amazingly beautiful website which everyone must visit.

‘aurora’ is a Latin word for ‘sunrise’ and in some cultures it is also said to be the name of goddess of dawn. It is a natural display of light at places located on a high altitude. When energetic charged particles collide with one another in a higher altitude atmosphere, it causes a patch of dreamy blue green light decorating the sky with its light.

There are various supersites theories associated with Aurora apart from the above mentioned scientific reason. Lucius Annaeus Seneca , A Roman Philosopher of the silver age of Latin literature speaks about ‘auroras’ in his book “Natural Quaestiones”. He calls this lights a well or a large hole in the sky. Walter William Bryant in his book ‘Kepler’ calls auroras as sulfurous vapors which can cure infections. Benjamin Franklin explained the cause of “Northern Lights” was due to electric charges in Polar Regions which gets intense with snow and moisture. In 1900 Kristian Birkeland claimed that auroras are electrons that came from sun. And such theories continue.








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Toms and Finmark are lucky places to see these northern lights every night while southern Norway has it few times a month. Central Europe experiences auroras few times a year and to the north of Spitzbergen, this lights are common sightseeing.
I have dreams and hallucinations of being under a northern light.

If you are wondering what all can be done under aurora here’s a look.

Of all the images I have seen, I have learned that auroras are unpredictable and extremely beautiful forming a different pattern each time. So any of my blog pals from a region where auroras are visible, do link your pictures and stories. I would love to share them and know more about it.



15 thoughts on “The Northern Lights – A dream sky

  1. That is truly spectacular, I though at first it was photoshop! Interesting facts you gave about it.
    Give me a call when you go out there to see it, I´ll have no problem watching that for hours or minutes.

  2. The Aurora Borealis is also on my “To Do” list before I die. As is standing on one of the poles and going into space. But I guess it is more doable than the other two. But my understanding is that one needs to have a spot of luck to see it as the weather of the day may play spoil sport.

    So what else is on your ‘To DO’ list?


    1. Wow 🙂 we should go together than 🙂 btw i share my blo pals unique stories too!! Please visit about me page and if you have anything that you wish to share with my followers do email me 🙂 whats your name?? Sorry i never knew 😦

      1. You never knew because I never really mentioned. Its okay. You may call me Zee 🙂
        And hey thanks for the invite, I’ll look into it, Same goes to you, I have a “Talent Hub” where I would love to share anything you’d like to share on my blog 🙂

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