Increasing Poaching Problems

My today’s write up is dedicated to World’s Poaching Problems

Endangered species and animals which should have been otherwise protected are decreasing with each passing day. When we tag them “Endangered” means they are in danger and they are about to get extinct from this planet forever. This calls for special care of this animals along with a need for strict laws for poachers. Money is of greater importance than the entire species vanishing forever. The world is running on temporary monetary gains and there is no severe concern for foreseeable future.

Let’s have a look at some numbers which would make you believe this:

A black dehorned rhinoceros is followedGlobally, illegal wildlife trading has reached a figure of 19 Billion Dollars

Strange right?? Indeed it is. In 2012, 20,000 African Elephants were poached.

Talking about Tigers, they are just 3,200 left in the world. Indeed a shame. The day is not far when our children’s and grandchildren’s would be looking and learning about tigers only in books and pictures.

Elephants for Ivory, Rhino’s for tusk and tigers for skin and nails. Thousands of animals are killed for human selfishness every year. The numbers seems never decreasing. There are large number of awareness sites and even a greater numbers of rescue workers, but things seems not falling in place. Even after laws, poachers keep on killing animals and this cannot be done without internal support. Our system is weak. Humans are weak.


7 thoughts on “Increasing Poaching Problems

  1. Humans are survivors, and unfortunately there are humans that would do these type of things to earn money. And probably the humans doing the killing or most of the humans are poor farmers from that part of the world and they too have to put food on the table for their families. We live in an unperfect world which I´m not about to put my energy to change it.

    But I love that you are brave and bring attention to these matters.

    Love ya read ya

    1. Thanx charlie!!! Eing poor dosent mean you go around killing animals!! And it clearly says this animals are not killed for food! Theor body stays in jungle nly tusks and nails are taken which points towards an illegal trade

      1. I know, it just slipped since I was writing quite fast. But my guess is that having less body parts ultimately will result in maybe maybe not a less life expectancy.

  2. This is sure to sound negative but I will say it anyway.

    No amount of writing and “shouting from the rooftops” is going to save most of these endangered species. The dominant species would always evolve and behave in a manner that would increasingly put every other species towards the path to extinction. Awareness might delay the process but sadly would not be able to change from the inevitable.

    So what is the way out? I believe this would be only by inextricably linking our own survival and development with that of the other species. How could we do that?


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