They are not a “piece of shit” – Human brutalities crossing the borders

You see the link up there?? Yes I found it while reading news online. What kind of people would give such orders?? I really don’t understand the mindset of several countries including japan, Russia, China etc. and their brutal cruelty on animals. They make me sick to the core. Do read a line in the above linked article “THEY CANT CONSUME SO MUCH TIME TO PUT THEM IN SHELTER”. Now that’s what I call real bastards. Animals re not some piece of paper which can be lifted up, crumpled and thrown away. They are lives. There’s no animal as loyal and as sensitive as a dog. How can someone kill such beautiful creatures in such a cruel manner for their own selfish interest???? Man is getting more and more selfish day by day and trust me “Human” is the breed I hate the most.


5 thoughts on “They are not a “piece of shit” – Human brutalities crossing the borders

  1. That link has vanished now. Strange! This is all the fallout of the ongoing desire to grab for money and business that may chance to come your way in this post-Thatcher global ‘free’ market. The Olympics is no longer about sport and competing, and achieving your best, it’s just ‘how much can we make out of this?’ and bad PR like having some stray dogs around doesn’t cut it. It was the same in Seoul, where dogs are eaten, and butchers were ordered to remove any dogs or their carcasses from their windows to avoid causing offence. Once the games were gone, though…

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