Violating the law of nature by tagging Marine Creatures!!!!!

Imagine you are a turtle and you have to carry a sensory device on the back of your shell – the device has a camera through which the scientist above the surface get the water images which they might have not got otherwise. Would you like such a device on your back?? Of course not!! We do experiments but every time it is done at the cost of animals. There would be many who would disagree with me on this topic as I am an animal advocate. I think about them like I think about my mother or brother. I do not consider them as an inferior part of this ecosystem which can be hampered and tortured by powerful species like us. This is indeed sad. We use animals in experiments and laboratories. They have to undergo the worst.

I believe in the theory of the soul. We all have a soul and its aura. It does not have a shape and size and every soul on this planet is same. It just has a different body as a host. While one soul got a turtle body another got a human body. This is my theory of soul. Do we have any right to torture souls?? Especially those bodies, who can respond to the cruel attacks for themselves. I am big time “CHINA” hater. Ofcourse my immense love for animals with a strong inclination towards Dogs is the reason behind it. Who eats a PUPPY??????? I mean seriously. You ate those cute little faces which crave for love. Ok I am stopping that topic here or else it would go long. So we were talking about tagging aquatic animals.

Not only aquatic but even terrestrial animals are tagged with devices to study the conditions. While in birds the problem won’t be serious as they can still fly comfortably with a small device on them, the problem is with aquatic animals. It creates a drag for them. When such device is installed on the shell of a turtle or on penguin and whales it creates an imbalance in their normal life. Their swimming speed reduces, they are not able to attract opposite species and many a times the device becomes the reason that they end up becoming someone’s meal. We have no right to do this to them. There are non-animals ways to study the things deep below the sea.

“If the drag costs from carrying tags disrupts their natural behaviour, they may miss out on breeding and foraging seasons, be unable to catch enough food, or even end up becoming someone else’s meal,” said T. Todd Jones, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center in Hawaii, who led the study while a doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia.

Scientists meanwhile are attempting to minimize the amount of time and interference to an animal by deploying better technology. Studies on penguins have looked at permanent banding, but penguins tagged temporarily are less affected. So they are decreasing the time animals are tagged to try to reduce any impact.
“There’s always room for improvement, it’s like anything in this sort of area, you can always improve, you can always make things better.”
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14 thoughts on “Violating the law of nature by tagging Marine Creatures!!!!!

  1. I also stand for animals and I do agree with you that some experiments do harm the animals but many a times cameras are put on them to monitor their life cycles without hampering their course of life. For example we can’t examine the reproduction cycle of the reptiles or of deep water animals so we need to put those cameras for their own betterment. Further this helps to let us keep them in their natural surroundings and save human intervention in their habitat. There are many scientists who are animal lovers and many a times they spend their whole life studying just one species and help them adapt with the changing environment. 🙂

      1. I mentioned that in the example that deep sea animals have to be studied using this method, there isn’t any other alternative. One can’t track them during their reproductive cycle without these cameras. 🙂

      2. I agree with your sentiments they should definitely make the devices as small as possible 🙂 but if you monitor them with physical presence that hamper them more as it hamper their habitat (natural surrounding). 🙂

  2. I stand for animals too, I´ve always had dogs and the two beast that I have now even though when I write about them I curse them out I´m the one that takes care of them and loves them, but you said something that as much as you know I like reading your blog I think we will have to disagree on this one, how can you see animals as equal as humans? I can´t comprehend that.

    And yes, the experiments maybe cruel, but at the end of the day is necessary for the good of another specie, the human specie. How do you think they made people with AIDS(and I have a family member with that disease right now in the hospital) live a much much longer and with a better quality of life? Probably by killing many mice´s,dogs, or our distant cousins the monkeys.

      1. No it wasn´t it was good, admit it, by the way what does :-/means? I´m new to this internet thing, give me a brake with all these symbols why do people use them anyways? can´t they write it, is it unamused or mildly crossed?

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