Are we alone in the UNIVERSE????????

“It’s the search for the meaning of life,” said Alden Munson, a senior fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, a science and technology think tank based in Arlington, Va.

America’s love for Mars is not hidden and nor is it cheaper. The love affair can be traced back in 1890’s when an Astronaut named Percival Lowell tried looking at the red planet through his telescope and found some canal like structures. Nothing of that sort have ever been traced on Mar’s. Till date more than 40 satellites have been launched on the damn planet. Ah!! Yes it gave birth to many mars fictional stories. Even Lowell thought the canal might be made by some intelligent beings. There have been stories and sketches about Martians even since.

Earthlings (the one that belongs to this planet  ) got to look at the Mars closely in 1965 when a satellite named Mariner 4 brought back some amazing Mars Snap Shots. The photograph canvassed mars as dead and waterless planet. Stillt ejh question dint stop haunting “ARE WE ALONG IN THIS UNIVERSE”.

When mariner 9 was launched in space it helped scientist focus on other aspects of mars apart from hunting life on the planet. It establishes Mars as a comparative laboratory to study the climate and geophysics of Earth. It was this approach which helped us to know that our planet was once wet and warm compared to what it is now. It was back then the life started evolving on the planet. Today “Is there a life on Mars?” is the hottest and the most attractive topic that everyone I seeking an answer for.

Earthlings are no more concerned with “Are we alone in the universe” the new point of concern is “Is there a life on Mars?” “If there’s life or past life on Mars, it means the chances that life exists somewhere else are much higher,” said David Paige, who studies the moon and terrestrial planets at UCLA. If Mars is barren, “it might make Earth more unique than we thought.”

Sitting in the office many a times I have a conversation with my best friend Kinjal sitting in Dubai and working for some petrol company that “What do you think about this project Mars?”

“If I would have been the president I won’t spend so much on this project as there are many other problems to focus on” is her answer.

And trust me this would be the answer for majority of the population away from the space mysteries and theories. Every Mars mission comes with a price tag of billions of dollars. And yes this is my point of view as well


Even if the life exists, it would of some different kind and sort as the climate, surface and temperature is completely different than Earth. Why do we need to go and interrupt in their life if at all it exists? I am 100% sure that even if t here is life on Mars it cannot be anything near to HUMANS. Why are we so obsessed on finding life on other planets when we have a beautiful life here and we are making every effort to spoil it contributing towards global warming?

In 1960, Frank Drake, an astronomer with Cornell University, performed the first modern SETI experiment. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment and time to seek out these supposed life forms “out there somewhere” yet no signals have been received that indicate any form of life, ever. Dr. Drake found nothing of great interest but has continued a pro-active involvement in the search for life beyond Earth for 50 years. Fifty years with no signs of any kinds of life, no UFOs, no nothing.


The madness does not end here. Recently we have a new project .of booking tickets to mars for people who are “WANNA BE MARTIANS” 10 years from now. This one way trip to Mars comes with conditions and clauses. Once out you cannot be brought back to Earth. The surprising part is that still we have a list of thousands of people who want to be there.

I read the below mentioned info on a site

One Canadian applicant — identified only as Madison, 27 — posted a video talking about what drew her to the program.
“A year ago my younger sister died and with that of course came a bunch of questions about why are we here? What is the meaning of all this and what is the purpose in life?” said Madison.
“When I read about this Mars One program I thought: ‘Wow, here is my chance to find some sort of closure or purpose or meaning in space,’ so I couldn’t not apply.”
Another Canadian applicant — known only as Collin, 26, — chose to show off his rhyming chops in his video, submitting a full poem, which included these verses:
“I am a scientist, adventurer, wizard and explorer/Philosopher, technician and confidant ninja warrior/My brain is sane enough to sustain itself on such a lengthy trip/I will bond in trust and faith with fellow astronauts on the ship.”
Kenneth Flack, 53, from Pointe-Fortune, Que., said he wanted to join the mission because he’s convinced the Earth “will eventually be destroyed and consumed by the sun.”
“We have to colonize the rest of the solar system, and the galaxy for that matter, for us to have long-term longevity,” he said in an interview.
Flack also argues about the need for “old” and “fat” astronauts on his application video, in an effort, he admits, to attract more views.

What they would be doing on Mars?? There are many websites telling me that and even you can find one!!! For now –


Mars Colony!!!


5 thoughts on “Are we alone in the UNIVERSE????????

  1. Ha! That last guy’s comments amused me. If he thinks the Earth will be consumed by the Sun why the heck go to a planet which is just next door, cosmically speaking?! You can guarantee if the Earth goes, Mars isn’t going to be a good place to camp down!

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