We dont live anymore, We pretend to!!!

Have mobile phones replaced our true existence in this world??? I just saw this two minute video and looking at it I have realized so many facts of this life. Technology has given us so much. It made our life easier. But I would rather say it took away from us so much. It has taken more than giving. It has brought in world together but has eliminated their actual desire to meet in person. We don’t need to meet coz we text and be in touch.

That sense of touch has been lost. Friends meet and sit with each other but where are they in reality??

They are in their won worlds. Constantly using the cell phone decreases the distance with the one sitting in front of you and increases it with someone far who’s not even bothered about you. Smartphone’s ruined us. It took away the innocence in us. We need “smileys” to express ourselves, we need “Status Updates” to tell how we feel. This is the new world. A world where everybody is near to each other yet far away from each other.

We forget to see those little moments hidden in our life coz we weer busy looking a digital screen

The definition of true friendship or a true relationship is lost in this high tech world. A friend who likes your profile picture always is your best friend. But the friend who took out some time to come and personally meet you is an OK friend. This is the new definition. There was a time when lover communicated via letters. When you sit and pen down true feelings come in the form of words but we do not have time for it anymore. We have emails written as per convenience. If the mood is good, it would be a great mail but if not it can turn bad.

Do we have time for each other where we can completely dedicate our self to the person sitting in front of us?? Than answer is NO.


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