The ugly world of Cyber Bullying – eating away the innocense

After my recent write up  on cyber bully I did some more research and I came to one single conclusion Cyber Bullying

“80% of cyber bullying cases occur due to inadequate parental rules about using the internet”

Teens these days are more dependent on the internet than ever. Most of the teenagers have access to the high speed internet and they create profiles on various sites and make blogs to be in touch with friends as well as various others they meet in this cyber space. Cell phones are another addiction of this community. They spend hours on it texting to friends and sharing various things through MMS. Internet allows anybody immediate access to the personal information. However there are many out there for whom this method is way of passing the free time and they think it’s funny. Such people use the means of internet to exploit the innocent. This is where cyber bullying came in to existence. It started off as a fun but slowly and gradually it has increases to a greater extent and these days with the current stats of teens facing Cyber Bullying, the problem is getting life threatening.

“43% teens are victims of Cyber Bullying”

Not all are able to survive the cyber threats. It has a harmful impact on the minds of teenagers. Parents try and teach them about cyber safety but have no control over their usage. Also it starts in cyber space and ends affecting everyone’s personal life. Threats are posted on net and are visible to everyone throughput the world. It has been observed that even friends turn their back on the victim after they are bullied. People make absurd comments on the unauthorized material regarding the victim floating online. Such victims face constant torture and get fancy thoughts like “Suicide” in their mind.

Recent happening in cyber bullying involves the case of Rebecca Sedwick. This girl from Florida was constantly bullied on social media with messages like “GO kill yourself”. For more than a year, the girl was bullied online. Before her death, she changed her name on one of her mobile phone applications to “That Dead Girl,” and messaged a 12-year-old friend in North Carolina saying, “I’m jumping, I can’t take it anymore.” It all started in December last week and depressed Rebecca ad even started cutting her wrist. Not only one portal, she was bullied on multiple social media sites.

In her case, her mother tried everything. ebecca’s mother pulled her out of school and began home-schooling her. She deleted her daughter’s Facebook account, took away her mobile phone and tried to keep track of her daughter’s social media use.

Another case: After facing a torrent of cyber-bullying, Todd Loik, 15, killed himself earlier this month in North Battleford, Sask.


Social Media is a influential tool connecting people and bridging the gaps but it is a medium which is incredibly dangerous. Kids who have not yet developed empathy regarding the medium can start using it in a wrong way!!


4 thoughts on “The ugly world of Cyber Bullying – eating away the innocense

  1. You are right, social media should be a tool for exchanging information, learning and communication. Everyone who used it should be responsible, but unfortunately it is used also for this kind of manner. I feel so sad to those who became the victim of cyber bullying because their life wasted. And I am glad you give much attention about the importance of strict guidance to all younger age who used social media. Great post…

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