9 thoughts on “Social media leading to cyber bullying – impact of virtual world on real life

  1. I paused for few minutes before I am able to make comments about this post, people can be so cruel and judgmental and like you I regret the wasted life. Parents should guide their children well. In times like this, the victim and the parents should deal it to stop the bullying. Here in my country, there are so many campaigns about Stop Bullying and passed laws to support the campaign coz it happened to few schools and universities.

    1. So true!! and when in depression in understand that the child cam make a mistake but what about those kids who started bullying others!! what are their mentors doing?? Aren’t they teaching the kids that their moment of fun can cost some else’s life 😦

      1. I agree, to think they are only minors and capable of doing such things, this issue should be brought to school for complete information regarding the effects of bullying to the victim and to the person doing the action.

  2. I can relate so much to this…

    Hi! My name is Charlie Zero…a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    I was a victim of bullying since I was little all the way til’ 2002.
    There was a moment in early of 1994 when I was close to ending my own life, apparently something happen, something that I thought would change my life for this day forward. “Trent Reznor” of the band: Nine Inch Nails; saved my life. His music, voice, and angry sound changed me and his music saved me by not killing myself. I’ve been poet for about 15 years now…When I hear stories like this poor girl who suffered; it makes me cry because I know exactly what everyone is going through. I personally, hate! with a Captial “H” HATE! bullies. I never forgive them and I don’t respect them not once. They don’t deserve anything.

    I’m 27 years old and I’m happy now…but I still get traumatize and I get flash backs from what all those bullies have done to me. They’ve all beat me, teased me, and laughed at me. 😦 I cry by myself from time to time…I wish I had friends who could’ve defended me and protected me from harms way. Unfortunately, I only had 1 friend at the time…and he was getting beaten too. 😦

    I could go on…but maybe if I write a full complete story and detail to what I went through then that would help everyone that’s a victim of bullying.

    Sorry if I went on…just thought I share a little bit of what I went through with someone/stranger.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    ~Charlie Z

    1. Omg charlie!! I would love to hear you!! I am sorry about your suffering!! You are a great example to everyone whose fighting it!! I am your new friend across the ocean!! There are people who love you and never feel alone!!! Your story is also welcomed on my blog!!! Stay strong buddy!!! You can write me on kruti.mehta87@gmail.com…. Hugs!! – kruti

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