This is how “Sweetu” happened to me!!!!!

I finally had an entire day spent with my pet taking the day off from work and we had amazing time. Her name is sweetu. I got her in 2000 from a pet shop. I was out with my parents just for a stroll and my eyes were on a new pet shop that had just opened up in the nearby neighborhood. I convinced my parents to go there and check out the shop. They had warned me that they are not allowing me to get a pet home. I promised i won’t. We entered the shop and there were dog beds stacked up in the right corner. The beds were cute and pink. I kind of loved it and went near to check it.

A little furball was resting on the top of all the stacked up beds. From distant it looked as a cottonball and after going near to it I found out it was a 1 month old spitz pomerian puppy sleeping on the bed. My mom dad saw her. I did not need to convince them to buy me the puppy as they themselves loved her. She looked the prettiest thing lying on that bed and within 10 minutes we were put of the shop with a new family member in my hand. That is how sweetu happened to me!!

Since that day we are inseparables. She sleeps with me, eats with me and even plays with me. I cannot imagine my life without my Dog.

When I am back from work she is excited to see me:

This is how she has her breakfast with mom:

sweetu sweetu and her toyssweetu closeupMe and my babyplayingme, My fiance and my baby


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